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Perfect Play

Destroy all the bosses and complete the entire game without dying at Normal difficulty or higher.

Perfect Play-1.7
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29 Apr 2013 30 Apr 2013
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Triggerheart Exelica - Perfect Play (Video Playthrough)

Conditions to unlock the achievement

Basically you have to complete the game on Normal Difficulty or higher.
You need to accumulate enough gold through each level to unlock all forms of the bosses you fight at the end of each level.
Also you need to 'No Miss' the whole game, in other words, do not die once.

It also seems that the game had a late patch forcing default settings.
I got to the end in a previous run reaching all conditions, but gave myself 5 starting bombs, yet it didn't unlock.
So its now actually harder than it once was ...

My video of my successful run unlocking this achievement is below.
Hopefully it can be used as a guide for tactics and ideas to defeat the bosses.

I used Crueltear, her anchor is the best for speed, can make all the difference.

Gold Requirements for each stage boss - (Credit to FeLizP)

Stage 1 Boss
Form 1: 0
Form 2: 500
Form 3: 1000
Form 4: 2000
Form 5: 2500
Faintear: 3000

Stage 2 Boss
Form 1: 0
Form 2: 1000
Form 3: 1500
Form 4: 2500

Stage 3 Boss
Form 1: 0
Form 2: 2000
Form 3: 3000
Faintear: 3000

Stage 4 Boss
Form 1: 0
Form 2: 1000
Form 3: 2000
Form 4: 3500

Stage 5 Boss
Form 1: 0
Form 2: 0

Good luck!
WornOutSmilesThanks for the video, it was a great help! :-)
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 23 Mar 14 at 20:13
WornOutSmilesSorry, forgot to mention that by clearing your System Cache, you can delete the update and get the achievement using 5 starting bombs if you refuse the update when you next start up the game.
Posted by WornOutSmiles on 23 Mar 14 at 20:16
WeltallAY^Was going to ask this, thanks!
Posted by WeltallAY on 08 Jul 14 at 12:54
Inferno118So 7 percent of players on Xbox have this achievement but only 1 percent on TA? Lmao
Posted by Inferno118 on 23 Jul 17 at 18:42
velho lobodomarI just did a perfect run and the only thing i changed from default settings was turning off the tutorial and changing the background, no achievement. Looks like you cant change a single setting from the defaults in order to unlock this, to anyone still concerned...
Posted by velho lobodomar on 28 Nov 18 at 00:02
vSully@Inferno: I'm replying years later, but clearly unlock percentages for X360 games are fubar because of how easy it was to cheat achievements via whatever methods people use.

Take this, which is one of the hardest achievements on the 360:
Deathsmiles (JP)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Deathsmiles (JP) worth 778 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

5.72% unlocks... right.
Posted by vSully on 26 Jun 20 at 04:16