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To Link the Fire

Reach "To Link the Fire" ending.

To Link the Fire0
3 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Missable - These achievements can be missed.
06 May 2013 06 Aug 2014
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Just one more thing to add as I got BOTH endings in one game cycle.

The trick was, saving the game exclusively on the usb stick. After defeating Gwyn, I placed myself in front of the bonfire. Now just the moment before I activated it I pulled the usb stick out and watched the ending. After the ending the achievement popped and the new game plus started.

I then loaded my savegame from the usb stick and just did the other ending by walking away.

As this solution corrupted someone's savegame: Make sure that while you pull the stick out the savegame flame does not show up because this might destroy your savegame. I think you can avoid this if you pull it out right after the game quicksaves as it saves regularly. Do not move and after pulling it out immediately press A to start the ending sequence.
Nupra79Works like a charm, thank you very much ;)
Posted by Nupra79 on 03 Jul 13 at 18:49
Shadow XBLthanks I might try this. Super afraid of corrupting my game though.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 01 Mar 14 at 21:10
LathandertgIf you want to be perfectly save perhaps you wait in front of the fire until the game auto-saves (if it does so in regular intervals, not sure about this). Once it is done pull out your USB stick and immediately activate the fire. This should minimize the risk of corrupting your save.
Posted by Lathandertg on 02 Mar 14 at 09:07
Shadow XBLthanks! will try when I get to this.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 06 Mar 14 at 22:19
ParoXysm QCCan anyone confirm if this trick corrupted their file?
Posted by ParoXysm QC on 15 Mar 14 at 15:42
SK DiabolicKind of pointless as you have to do both endings on a single save anyway to get the 'all achievements unlocked' achievement.
Posted by SK Diabolic on 22 Mar 14 at 15:10
LathandertgYou have to beat the game more than twice to get all achievements anyways. This tipp is only for these guys who want to finish the game only once but get both ending achievements.
Posted by Lathandertg on 22 Mar 14 at 17:35
Shadow XBLworked great for me. You don't even actually have to beat the game twice for all achieves - if you can get someone to drop you all the weapons.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 23 Mar 14 at 05:06
ParoXysm QCExactly, I have all the weapons, I don't need to beat the game more than once.
Posted by ParoXysm QC on 23 Mar 14 at 23:25
ParoXysm QCJust so you guys know, I first thought that it'd be better to move the title update on the USB drive too, but it's not working if you do so. It worked perfectly just by moving the save file only.
Posted by ParoXysm QC on 29 Mar 14 at 18:07
LV 1 Blue SlimeYou can skip the credits and still get the achievement. As an aside, if you are worried about the game randomly saving, you can change equipment (for example, equip a different sword) which will force a save, and then take it out and touch the fire.

Nice solution, saved me a playthrough. Upvote from me.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 15 Apr 14 at 00:18
ATCSYou sir are a god amongst men. Saved me 10-20 hours.
Posted by ATCS on 24 Apr 14 at 02:09
mangiovePlease can anyone say if getting in this way the both ending it will pop either the achivements of getting them all or it will bug it?
Posted by mangiove on 07 May 14 at 08:15
LathandertgIf you use the USB method and rip the stick out the moment before you activate the final bonfire you will watch the ending After that the game will try to save the game and can't do so as the storage device is gone. This will give you an error but NG+ will start nontheless and you will get this achievement.
After that put the USB device back in and load your game. As the game could not save your first ending your save is unaffected and you can proceedl with the other ending and going to NG+ if you wish.
If you are going for 1000 GS you will probably have to beat NG+ anyways (if you find nobody who shares his rare weapons with you) so this trick might not make sense as you will get both endings anyways.
Posted by Lathandertg on 07 May 14 at 09:12
mangioveWell, thanks. I have already got the boss souls necessary to make the rare weapon (someone shared them with me). So I'm trying to go for 1000 GS on first run, I was only asking if the usb trick will bug the achivement "All achievements completed. Congratulations! ", or after the usb trick and the second ending it will unlock anyway...
Posted by mangiove on 07 May 14 at 14:47
LathandertgNot sure about this but I think it should unlock.
Posted by Lathandertg on 07 May 14 at 20:31
Xn3m0killsXThis corrupted my file....
Posted by Xn3m0killsX on 05 Aug 14 at 23:12
Shadow XBLthat sucks :( for other peoples' reference, you can't pull it out when the save flame is showing.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 06 Aug 14 at 00:05
A Cup oo TeaThe save flame keeps popping up because you're in the online mode of Dark Souls, play in the offline mode & you won't have that flame popping up all the time. You still get the date stamp aswell. :)
Posted by A Cup oo Tea on 27 Jul 15 at 21:14
Hurricane MattWorked great, thanks!
Posted by Hurricane Matt on 28 Dec 15 at 05:33
McQueen101You can always copy your save to the cloud prior to the last fight and then play offline(Disconnected to the internet) and just log back on and use the cloud save for the other cheevo.
Posted by McQueen101 on 15 Jan 16 at 04:39
Shadow XBLDoes this work in remastered? Maybe pull your Ethernet right when the achievement pops, then delete local save, reconnect, and sync?
Posted by Shadow XBL on 06 Jul 18 at 12:47