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Successfully execute five car stunts - front & back flips, barrel rolls, a long jump

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11 Jan 2010 11 Jan 2010
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Each of the stunts CAN be done at the 1-Star driving skill, but the Long Jump is extremely difficult. No matter the speed or the vehicle I would use at the lower levels, I could not get the Long Jump. I HIGHLY advise getting the 3- or 4-Star skill levels before attempting these.

I also advise using the Agency tunnels, but I would also highly recommend the Beach on La Mugre, near the amusement park. There are four beach houses, each with ramps on the front of the building that are SUPERB for launching off of.

Additionally, on Los Muertos' upper island, they have a very large coliseum with an indoor stunt track. AND, if you don't have the Buggy, there are two ramps angled specifically FOR doing barrel rolls. Nice.

BARREL ROLLS - I recommend the Coliseum, Beach, Tunnel #2. Tunnel #1 isn't bad either, but it's fairly easy to run into the wall before you have the chance to complete it. If you have the expansion DLC with the extra vehicles, use the Buggy. You'll get it REALLY easily. If not, use the Agency SUV.

FLIPS - Again, I recommend the Coliseum, Beach, and Tunnel #2, but Tunnel #1 is excellent for the back flip too. I'd recommend avoiding Tunnel #1 for the front flip, though. It's a little harder. Again, use the Buggy if you can, but otherwise, Agency SUV is best.

LONG JUMP - Beach, Tunnel #1, Tunnel #2, or Tunnel #3. I couldn't execute this for the longest time. Finally, I tried out the Agency SUV with 4-Star driving skill. I headed down Tunnel #1 to La Mugre, and as soon as I was about to ramp out the tunnel, I hit B to jump. If you copy this out of ANY of the tunnels OR on the Beach, you will SOAR. When I did it, I jumped clear across the highway and through to the intersection up the hill on La Mugre. Without doing the SUV jump, though, I couldn't get it to register at all, and I tried seriously EVERYTHING I could come up with. The Buggy is normally the best for jumping without the 4-Star rank, but I couldn't get it for anything with that. If you have trouble with this one, get the 4-Star rank THEN come back with the SUV. You'll get it in no time.
Dr EldarionI tried over and over to get long jump in tunnel 1, but the little bump before the ramp kept screwing me up. Tunnel 2 actually seems like it might be better - same method.
Posted by Dr Eldarion on 03 Jun 12 at 03:31
NICKYG2X3the guide is informative doesnt even say how to do tricks. just where? how the hell do i do a trick? pointless guide
Posted by NICKYG2X3 on 30 Apr 13 at 03:13
KojiiriinNicky, while airborne, hold your analog stick backwards so you flip. That is a flip.

And then hold it sideways so that you roll. That is a barrel roll.

Then, try staying airborne for a really long distance. That is a long jump.
Posted by Kojiiriin on 18 May 13 at 17:55
Jenova20Tunnel 2 is simple for the long jump and Hazardous Hangtime achievement. Tunnel 3 is practically impossible
Posted by Jenova20 on 16 Jun 13 at 22:12
DecadentBeaverThanks for the tip on the long jump. I just have that to do. Finally got my driving skill to 4 star tonight. Takes far too long. But its worth it for the SUV. Thanks a bunch.
Posted by DecadentBeaver on 07 Aug 13 at 00:09
xV Gypsy VxIf you are having trouble doing the long jump coming out of tunnel #2, I went and drove a truck ramp over to the tunnel and let my friend ramp off of it coming out of the tunnel and it worked the first time for him.
Posted by xV Gypsy Vx on 14 Aug 13 at 08:19
xTCxI found it very simple for the Volk tunnel. Thanks.
Posted by xTCx on 16 Aug 13 at 06:57
PendiRulzYeah, Tunnel #2 is easiest!
Posted by PendiRulz on 21 Aug 13 at 18:17