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Gold Star 20 songs on Expert

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26 Nov 2008
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To Gold Star any song, you must hit 100% of the notes. It does not have to be a full combo (You're allowed to overstrum) as long as you HIT EVERY SINGLE NOTE.
You must administer this to 20 songs in Expert.

'Easy' songs to start with, are Mississippi Queen, Radio Song, Avalancha, and Closer.

I guess its worth mentioning there's a glitch you can use to unlock this achievement, but if you're going to cheat the achievement, then doesn't that ultimately take the actual feeling of achievement out of it?
(No, if you want that glitch, search elsewhere.)
Mr KrytenShould be noted that DLC and the quickplay exclusives (Sabotage, Suck My Kiss etc) count towards the 20 songs.

So If you have completed co-op career or have downloaded some tracks you may want to try those as well.
(Exo-Politics, Supermassive Black Hole and Hole in the Earth are all relatively easy)
Posted by Mr Kryten on 17 Feb 09 at 01:45
dude .... im not glitching it but if you writing down a SOLUTION, you better notice the glitch....
Thats wy it is called a SOLUTION, it does not matter if it's fair or unfair.
1 Negative vote for you mister.
Posted on 06 Jun 09 at 04:09
NathAttackOh, sorry. I guess the definition of "achievement" slipped you by. Go cry in the corner with none of your friends.
Posted by NathAttack on 06 Jun 09 at 08:36
Posted by JiglifiedmQfQ on 27 Jun 09 at 13:26
ItsNismoAceAmen to that
Posted by ItsNismoAce on 21 Jul 09 at 02:48
Anathros0haha i agree jiglifiedmofo
Posted by Anathros0 on 16 Aug 09 at 12:01
AlkoKillaIn reference to the glitch, it should be mentioned, only because I ended up with this achievement, and don't know how I got it. It seriously unlocked, and my response was "WTF? I only gold starred 1 song!".
Posted by AlkoKilla on 30 Oct 09 at 03:34
MUSCAT5032mine was glitched when i got it me and my friend were going for the 2000 note streak in coop and as soon as we hit 500 note streak we both got the 500 note streak achievement in coop and this one i don't know why it popped up but it did 0_O and we were playing through the fire and the flames on easy so it's really got me wondering how i got it
Posted by MUSCAT5032 on 02 Dec 09 at 18:10