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Do all character's special/hidden tricks!

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23 May 2013
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Here are the 5 special/hidden tricks.
They were done from a Xbox controller.
To make them count, you'll need to land them and not fall.

Danny >> Rocket Backflip >> Left to Bottom then "B".
Sean >> Kickflip Late Shover >> Right to Top then "X".
Lyn-Z >> McTwist >> Full circle clockwise from Top then "B".
Christian >> Christ Air >> Left to Right then "B".
Ryan >> Impossible Late Flip >> Left to Top then "X".

Enjoy !

(Credits to FEAR EPIDEMIC & JJBDude48)
SENTURY111What is Eddie's special trick?
Posted by SENTURY111 on 10 Aug 13 at 03:08
SENTURY111Well I just got the achievement after getting enough credits to buy the last character. You don't need Eddie's trick. It says he has one, so might be good for people who want the achievement if you don't have any characters unlocked yet. But doesn't matter for this one. Great guide.
Posted by SENTURY111 on 17 Aug 13 at 11:42
NugeHey SkinnyDecaf, what controls did you use instead of the "B" or "X" button? I'm trying to figure this out on the keyboard, but it doesn't seem to work as they are all set to specific tricks...
Posted by Nuge#9203 on 04 Jan 14 at 07:12
psportalSmall addition:
On the chance that you play this game across multiple devices (like I did) be sure to go through all of them on one device.

At first I was confused when this didn't pop since I had already unlocked the other achievement for doing a special trick, but then I figured that I should do it again since I unlocked it on another laptop.
Posted by psportal on 23 Nov 20 at 22:07