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Metropolis King

Complete Metropolis level in single player on serious difficulty without loading.

Metropolis King+0.2
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dataDyne 2023dataDyne 2023This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
13 Jan 2010 18 Jan 2010
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Beat Level 9 / Metropolis on Serious without dying.

It says without loading because you have to load when you die so this prevents people from loading just before they are dead. If you do die just restart the level from the beginning.

Below is a video trick that will allow you to get outside the level (for those who can't view the video all you have to do is rocket jump over the wall at the very beginning of the level and follow the edge of the map to the end and then jump on the last booster to get back in)

When you get back in near the end you will be in large area and will be attacked by multiple sets of enemies each activated when you pick up the items in the centre.

> Headless Kamikaze - Camp and use the Tommy gun / Laser.
> Harpies - Strafe and use the Laser.
> Werebulls - Jump strafe out of their path and use the the Double Barrel (or the Cannon or Rocket from afar).
> Kleer - Laser them while strafing their attacks.
> Biomechanoid Major (Red) - Strafe and Rocket or Cannon them

This will be hard so here are some tips:
1. Press Y on the difficulty select screen activate infinite ammo! (it doesn't affect achievements)
2. Strafe & Jump A LOT this will help you to dodge the many projectiles that will be flying your way!
3. Save rockets and other large weapons for the bigger baddies.
4. Press B and review the enemies and what tips the game has to offer on them.

Hope this helps!
gbischelThese video walkthroughs were done on an easier difficulty than serious. Beating this level on serious difficultly even with the ability to quicksave seems like it would be quite difficult because there are more enemies and they inflict 5x more damage per hit than on tourist difficulty.
Posted by gbischel on 14 Jan 10 at 13:08
dataDyne 2023I did say they were for reference! But I have swapped out the video for an "easy way" video!

Hope it helps!
Posted by dataDyne 2023 on 14 Jan 10 at 17:11
Taco BobWow, that secret will really help. Still, the final area is going to be difficult on serious. I wonder, is the cannon really worth that extra sacrifice of health?
Posted by Taco Bob on 14 Jan 10 at 18:22
dataDyne 2023I managed to do it this way earlier without bothering with the cannon! I don't think its worth it!
Posted by dataDyne 2023 on 14 Jan 10 at 19:54
Taco BobActually, you can get the cannon with no loss of health. When you hit the jump pad, hold down (away from the buildings) and you will land atop the buildings and be able to walk around to the cannon without triggering any enemies!
Posted by Taco Bob on 16 Jan 10 at 06:41
dataDyne 2023Yeah but surely you will lose health rocket jumping back out?
Posted by dataDyne 2023 on 17 Jan 10 at 01:06
B8TINGUI hate that this video doesn't show the rest of the fight..I mean yea this is good info, but where the rest of the fight.. and yes the Cannon is worth getting, as it take's out most enemies in one hit.. exception being the RED (rocket shooting) Mechs(6-7 hit with cannon) and RED Arachnids (2 hits with cannon)..
Posted by B8TINGU on 30 May 10 at 23:52