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Commander of the Light Knights

Reach rank 50

Commander of the Light Knights+0.1
3 guidesDiscontinued - These achievements can no longer be obtained due to closed servers, a bad patch, or other unusual circumstances.
The NerevarineThe Nerevarine440,691
29 May 2013 03 Apr 2014
64 12 30
Reaching rank 50 may be a serious time investment. It will take the average player a couple months of play; however, using these tactics and some buffs from Happy Cards, I was able to go from level 1 to level 50 in less than 3 weeks by playing daily with a team and focusing strictly on XP gains (starting in the final week of a traditional Special Challenge event). In addition to earning this achievement, rank 50 allows you 35 weight on the cleric and warrior, and 30 on the mage; as well as boosts your 'luck' rank eight levels which increases the odds of getting better gear as rewards. The maximum level is 60, and increases the weight cap on each character by 5 (maximum).

Special note: 'Experience Up' helmet buffs only effect in-game levels (1-5) and will NOT increase the amount of experience you earn towards your rank!

Special Events: Quick XP
The quickest way to rank up is the traditional Special Challenge (not Castle Defense) or Save the King when they are available. Killing 'Slayers' or the king will net you around 100-150 XP per kill, and the matches only last 10 minutes instead of 15. To kill Slayers, try using 'Smash Power Up' and 'Uppercut Power Up' in conjunction with shield-bashing, smashing or rushing, or use cannons and ballistas to shoot them. To kill a player who is King, use warrior's rush or Berserker spin-blade and don't worry about staying alive afterwards, just die and kill him again for another 100 XP. For additional XP, kill the Bonus/Boss Monster, and/or be in the enemy castle at the end of the game.

Co-op Grinding: Unreliable XP
Since the Special event game types are not always available, you can alternatively have a large group of eight play co-op mode. The strategy here is to move the entire team up the map as fast as possible and then instead of taking down the enemy's castle gate, move the team all to one side of the castle and kill the bots that will immediately all start coming to you. By not killing the castle door, you disable any randoms or bots from tapping down the enemy's tower and ending the game earlier. This is also a great way to farm for item boxes. The problem with this approach is that if you have humans on your team who are not with the program, they'll probably have no problem breaking into the castle and capturing the Big Tower if you're killing all the enemies -- unfortunately, this is very common.

Alternatively, you may be able to get away with doing team skills in the castle endlessly with a party of 8. If you're lucky, the rest of the team won't end the game quickly and you'll be able to earn a few thousand XP every 10-15 minutes. Make sure to have as many Skill+ buffs on your weapons before doing this method to insure you always get 3 team skills by level 5.

Important note about Co-op! Co-op mode requires four players and ends when there is less than four. It will also continue endlessly without searching for new players if you don't leave the lobby. If you are trying to get in a co-op lobby with only friends, you simply must stay longer than the randoms you originally get matched with.

Quick Match: Main Event
When in Quick Match, or just as a general approach in all game types, focus on getting in team skills, capturing spawn towers, buffing teammates with clerics and mages, and killing other players as a Warrior. Being in the enemy castle when your team wins will earn you an additional 200 XP. Being the person to deliver the killing blow to the enemy gate will earn you 100 XP. Killing players who have "approached your castle" will net you additional experience (up to +100 XP), as well as killing players who are on kill streaks or who have recently killed yourself or your teammate.

The best class for XP is the Cleric. Spam skills on other players like Dash (it has a short cooldown), Heal, and Dispel. Resurrect and Sacred Armor are very good for helping a fallen teammate or buffing the fighters protecting you, but they take a long time to cooldown and should be used more strategically. By playing a more passive role as the cleric you'll be able to observe how other people play and pick up some moves from watching them fight.

Fastest Possible Solo Method
Edit, April 3 2014: This game is constantly changing. The special challenges have been tweaked, new ones introduced, and most importantly the Slayers are now far less vulnerable to being smashed, making killing them a bit trickier than it used to be.

Using this approach, I was able to reach level 60 in under a month after resetting my save, however I am invested in Happy Wars for more than your average XBLA game so this solution may not work for many. They have a Happy Card sale roughly every two months. Happy Cards can provide low-level players with some decent buffs at the expense of some actual money, but they give random rewards. It is possible to receive these buffs from simply playing the game, however it is extremely rare.

If you want to keep your Happy Cards purchase in the realm of the cost of an average XBLA game, your best bet is to earn 5-6 Warrior stickers from the game's Mission Mode and then use them on weapon packs and cross your fingers that you get something with Smash Power-Up Lv3 on it and maybe a Rush+ so you can kill the enemies in Special Challenge with ease. Then just put Smash Power-Up Lv3, Lv2 and Rush+ on a weapon and that warrior is ready to send Slayers flying off cliffs for easy XP. Unfortunately if you are in the realm of $10-20 the Happy Cards are a huge gamble.

For further reading, I posted a guide for 60 quests as well as a general Happy Wars strategy guide here:
Happy Wars (Xbox 360)Happy Quest HunterThe Happy Quest Hunter achievement in Happy Wars (Xbox 360) worth 93 pointsComplete at least 60 Quests
Zoda iZ CruelThis sucks so much,
at least i am not gold anymore,
but still i am only around level 47
and it took damn long to get there.
Good to see that i have to play this game again
when i return gold, ... This is why i hate dlc for arcade games.
Posted by Zoda iZ Cruel on 30 May 13 at 21:49
BenchemHow much XP does one need from 1 to 50?
Posted by Benchem on 30 May 13 at 23:08
Acap510,000 xp required
Posted by Acap on 30 May 13 at 23:42
CounterInsurgntso your saying special events give the best xp? cause it seems like every time I play a special event I get next to nothing xp.
Posted by CounterInsurgnt on 01 Jun 13 at 04:33
The NerevarineSpecial Challenges and Save the King... Even-Steven is the worst possible place to get XP.
Posted by The Nerevarine on 01 Jun 13 at 09:42
This will take approximately 200 hours worth of online gameplay
Posted on 01 Jun 13 at 18:34
I BloodRayne IAnd I thought the first 20 achievements were a pain to get.
Posted by I BloodRayne I on 03 Jun 13 at 08:19
Sev22suffYeah just another thing to add is to remove those exp up items and equip damage or anything else that will help rack up kills and or team skills i.e. tornado, lightning arrows, meteor storm, and sacred song for the cleric.
Posted by Sev22suff on 04 Jun 13 at 06:44
ZymoticI have 165,000 xp with about 50 hours already. :( It's going to take FOREVER to go from level 40 to 50. :*(
Posted by Zymotic on 07 Jun 13 at 04:24
MugenKairoToyLogic need to have these XP weekends, triple preferred as all the new achievements take forever! Quality solution.
Posted by MugenKairo on 09 Jun 13 at 20:11
DriZzT1987does the friend bonus affect XP too?
Posted by DriZzT1987 on 09 Jun 13 at 20:58
CounterInsurgntcoins only I believe
Posted by CounterInsurgnt on 09 Jun 13 at 21:08
Salaryman Clev9 clerics sitting in the castle doing sacred song on each other is a good method?
Posted by Salaryman Clev on 12 Jun 13 at 23:37
The Nerevarine@Salaryman Clev: That sounds pretty hilarious. I have no idea what the XP pay-off over time would be as I've never heard of anyone doing that. If you threw some healing in the mix you could make progress on Archangel and earn a few extra XP here and there while you're doing it. I'd be curious to hear how it works out if you try it.
Posted by The Nerevarine on 13 Jun 13 at 08:05
GD Great HealerHow much xp for level 40?
Posted by GD Great Healer on 06 Jul 13 at 12:35
CounterInsurgntLMFAO! sounds like happy wars is fighting back against Spartacus double xp....too funny.
Posted by CounterInsurgnt on 11 Jul 13 at 22:01
ChrisChrimboJust got to level 50, took 104 hours, rank 48-50 was on double XP weekend which helped alot. And only played coop as I am not a fan of versus. Hope they don't have any more title update achievements. I enjoy the game. but after rank 40 all the fun was gone.
Posted by ChrisChrimbo on 12 Jul 13 at 19:13
Rheinadlerbut isnt the double xp only for quick match? im pretty sure it doesnt affect coop.
Posted by Rheinadler on 20 Jul 13 at 12:09
hunterIVThe double XP applied to co-op.
Posted by hunterIV on 21 Jul 13 at 20:20
FFX BrotherhoodRealising that around level 41/42 is only halfway in terms of EXP needed for level 50 is soul-crushing. Still, hopefully some more Double EXP events will come up soon.
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 04 Aug 13 at 15:35
I am JeffRay90+1

Good thing I took advantage of the "Special Challenge" last 1-2 week(s) ago. (Aug)
If that event never took place I think would have spent an additional 100 hrs to complete this game.

--- Premium Weapons (Zeus Spear, Athena Shield, Perseus Helm*(SP) , Perseus Armour)

---- Bonus Monster net massive experience.
Beginner Mode - 1st - 150 2nd -200 (increases 50xp)
Advanced Mode - 1st - 333xp 2nd - 444xp ... 5th - 777xp (increases 111xp)
Formidable Monsters (100-200xp)

Stats - 650 wins (80% from Aug. special challenge)
~5500 kills
47 hrs Cleric
25 hrs warrior
11 hrs Mage
10+ hrs ?? hrs Searching/Loading/Start of the Match/End of the Match

(I can't image the accumulated hours for those who play standard co-op. At least for the special event you do not have to wait 15s each end stats and 30s for the final .
Posted by I am JeffRay90 on 28 Aug 13 at 03:31
NeverUnlucky150% Exp LIVE! Ends on September 25th.
Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 12 Sep 13 at 22:31
Honeycut1The new update allows people to buy double xp. So that's an option now.
Posted by Honeycut1 on 09 Apr 14 at 18:41
jack fenixAs of now you can go to item shop and buy rank up boost x1 or x10!
Posted by jack fenix on 14 Apr 14 at 20:34
HolyHalfDead - your Rank is based on your Total Score (Overall Score + Overall Bonus Score). Your 290k is your Overall Score, not your Total Score.

If you can get an average score of 1000 per match, then with a 3000 bonus score per match this achievement will take around 35 hours.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 09 May 15 at 21:54
APOAL FRDont be surprised if achievement dont pop when you reach rank 50, play and finish an other round and you'll get it. I guess achievement dont pop when you reach the rank by bonus xp.
Posted by APOAL FR on 24 Sep 15 at 21:37
GodLike499@APOAL FR I had the same problem. I used a rank boost to get me over the edge to get level 50, and the achievement didn't pop. I got kinda worried that it had glitched out on me forever. I played another game, and it popped as soon as the completion screen came up. I think it may be because it checks your level at the end of the match, but any XP boosts that you use will be applied after the level check. I also had VIP at the time, so I'm curious if the would affect the achievement popping when it should as well.
Posted by GodLike499 on 16 Jan 18 at 03:37