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Partner up and complete every mission in Co-op mode

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15 Jan 2010
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As HybridPK's guide states, it's pretty simple. You just have to go online, and beat each of the Generals and Kingpins. This can all be at once, or it can be across 21 different connections with 21 different people. And it can be in Campaign mode or Time Trials. Doesn't matter!

Unless you have friends you can do this with, you're going to probably have a hard time finding people to play with to do it all in one sitdown, though.

So, first off, I recommend *NOT* resetting your gangs. Don't do it (unless you expect to want all 21 bosses back up and running after you complete this). Instead, try connecting with other players that don't have many of the bosses beaten (on the screen, it'll tell you how many generals they've defeated on their current game). Then just rock 'em out. You'll probably have to switch around to other people on occasion, unless you can actually find someone that hasn't defeated ANY of them yet. It's not too hard, though. Just takes some persistence and patience.

And since you're not doing it within your own game, you'll need a way to keep track of who you've defeated. That's easy. Here's a checklist!

External image

Now go lay the smack-down, Agent.
Vermin360I'd suggest playing them co-op on Psychotic difficulty so you can work toward the "Psych Out" Achievement as well. That will also place a Crackdown icon on each boss that you have beaten on Psychotic difficulty, providing an in-game checklist on your game save.
Posted by Vermin360 on 18 Feb 12 at 06:20
JamP0undHey I did all of the shai gen bosses in co-op time trial, then stopped, I went back to single player and reset the gangs. Will I need to re-do these for the cheevo to pop?
Posted by JamP0und on 24 Feb 12 at 00:30
Jisseki no hofuI just killed all of the bosses in one sitting and the achievement did not unlock
Posted by Jisseki no hofu on 15 Sep 13 at 17:09
Pmalone6If anyone is still looking to complete this one, send me a message
GT: Pmalone6
Posted by Pmalone6 on 07 Mar 19 at 13:20
DevinMTGI'm looking to do these add me and send a message, GT: DevinMTG
Posted by DevinMTG on 28 May 20 at 01:24
DevinMTGlooking for a partner, DevinMTG
Posted by DevinMTG on 05 Jun 20 at 02:00
general1179Looking for a partner for this and the DLC co-op.
GT: general1179
Posted by general1179 on 05 Jul 20 at 18:08
C4dowgytrying to complete this too, add me C4dowgy
Posted by C4dowgy on 18 Aug 20 at 23:37
Mr AshbyHoping to get this done add me
Mr Ashby
Posted by Mr Ashby on 20 May at 17:57
MortilectTrying to get this done, need all bosses. Message me on Xbox or TA.
Posted by Mortilect on 16 Jun at 08:29
DavidTB415Looking for someone to help with this. Just send me a message here or on XBL.
Posted by DavidTB415 on 05 Jul at 04:15