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Renaissance Man

Get 2 kills with each weapon in a round of Frenzy (Public Match only)

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06 Jun 2013 07 Jun 2013
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Frenzy is one of the 2 new game modes in the DLC and is very similar to "Gun Game" from Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is different in that your loadout will automatically change every minute and it is random what weapons you will get.

The simplest way to get this achievement is to keep killing enemies (or boosting partners) until you reach the max score of 10,000 points (which is one of the requirements for the achievement "Flawless Victory", the other requiring you to have the most kills). For this achievement, you just have to get 2 kills with each weapon you randomly get per minute.

There are a few things to be cautious of and that is getting 2 kills with the first weapon as the beginning may involve many players scrambling around and you may miss the opportunity to get 2 kills within the 1st minute. The next challenge is getting at least 2 kills or more with the last weapon you have. This may cause issues because you may only need 1 kill to win the watch and this will forfeit you getting the achievement. If your score is quickly reaching 10,000 but the timer is about to reach another minute, then save the last 2 kills you need for the next round. Your score (if you have a multiplier) should be around 9,000 points making you need only 2 more kills to win.

To clarify, You are only responsible for getting 2 kills with each weapon that you get within the time it takes you to win. In conclusion, get as many kills with the 1st weapon then keep killing with the 2nd loadout until you reach around 9,000 unless you can finish before the 3rd minute (3rd loadout) starts. If you can't win in the first 2 minutes (1 minute is very unlikely), then finish your last 2 kills or more with 3rd weapon.

Personally, I was in a group with people where we focused on 1 person getting it per game and we typically finished the 10,000 points needed to win in less than 2 minutes. It can be difficult for the first minute with finding a common meeting ground but gets easier once the player gets 5 kills because a giant 5x symbol appears over their head essentially making them an easy target to locate. Sorry if the wording is confusing, just comment if you have suggestions to make this solution clearer or message me if you have questions.
ElurianRavenJust an FYI -

Flawless Victory requires you to win (10k points) and have the highest number of kills. If going for this legit, it is possible to win and using the high multiplier, not have the highest number of kills.

Positive feedback on this solution for Renaissance Man though!
Posted by ElurianRaven on 06 Jun 13 at 22:53
Rowdawg88@Ed E Nigma, thanks for the heads up. I edited the solution with your comment in mind.
Posted by Rowdawg88 on 07 Jun 13 at 00:21
ShadyShallyou might want to note that your solution is for boosting and that if playing legit you have to make sure you get 2 kills with each weapon presented in a game before the game ends. this is hard to do legit because you can have 2 kills with each weapon and then if the weapons cycle over and someone gets 1 kill and ends the match, you will not get the chievo because with that new weapon you got 0 kills.

for boosting purposes, i was also in a group of 12 and no one needed to go into the 3rd round ... everyone got it on the 2nd weapon cycle. if only one person is going for this, once you hit the 5x multiplyer, it goes quickly. you only end up needed about 22 or 23 kills to end it.
Posted by ShadyShall on 09 Jun 13 at 17:24
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Posted by JohnnyCakes93 on 16 Jun 13 at 19:51
Rowdawg88@ShadyShall, I included that in the solution because some people in a session I did got a 3rd weapon and only 1 kill with it ending the round and their chance for the achievement. People going for this just have to watch their points and make sure if they can't finish within 2 minutes (1st 2 weapons), they will need to leave at least 2 more kills for 3rd weapon.
Posted by Rowdawg88 on 27 Jul 13 at 14:39
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