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No Turnovers

Participate in an entire game where your team commits no turnovers.

No Turnovers0
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28 Nov 2008
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If you don't have a friend to help you boost this Achievement, set up a game with a good team (Florida) against a poor team (Hartford Hawks) with 2-minute halves. Turn off all the clock fouls (shot clock, 3 in the key, etc) as well as backcourt violations and out of bounds (it just makes it easier).

Quickly score a basket so that you have a lead, then regain possession and hold the ball in your half of the court. Through the first half, the CPU will not challenge you. In the second half, he may start to reach in to draw intentional fouls. Try to play keepaway by running around your half of the court and dodging the one defender that chases you. The Achievement should come easily.
DJP519Even better -- turn off all the clock fouls, like you said, but then let the second player (preferably your own second controller) just hold the ball. If you don't have it, you can't turn it over. If you use the two-controller method, you can dribble out the entire half by letting the opponent hold the ball near midcourt.
Posted by DJP519 on 08 Feb 11 at 02:27