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We’re in for some Chop

Destroy an enemy vehicle with equipment in a ranked playlist or in campaign.

We’re in for some Chop0
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The 7ravelerThe 7raveler139,362
29 Nov 2008 08 Sep 2009
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On the level Tsavo Highway, after the Rally Point Alpha checkpoint, there will be a battle involving two waves of brutes and then a wraith. In the buildings in the back of the encounter area, there are 3 trip mines. Your best bet is to grab either a brute shot or fuel rod cannon off the bodies of the brutes and shoot one of the choppers in the next area until it is almost dead. Then, lure it towards you and at the last second, throw down the trip mine. This will kill the chopper and earn you the achievement. Make sure you play on easy, for obvious reasons.

Something like this:
SpectreSubZerothis is a decently hard achievement, you would think so from the TA score
Posted by SpectreSubZero on 21 Apr 09 at 18:16
Exit Bloomtried it on same level and nada. after retrying it 6 or so times, I gave up, and will try it elsewhere. possible glitch?
Posted by Exit Bloom on 05 Aug 09 at 05:05
The 7ravelerI don't think so. You actually have to destroy the vehicle, not just kill the brute. If you can't get it in campaign, I would recommend playing Squad Battle for the cheevo.
Posted by The 7raveler on 09 Aug 09 at 04:52
Mr Kirkfaceu can also use a grav lift chuck it in front of them as they are zooming at u near a cliff, bang!!! sends them off the edge quite funny to watch *.*
Posted by Mr Kirkface on 11 Aug 09 at 20:19
DKong27I used this method too...a long time ago. I also did it by accident on heroic.
Posted by DKong27 on 24 Dec 09 at 02:30
Chojin22000Took a few attempts, but it worked for me :)
Posted by Chojin22000 on 17 Jan 10 at 13:53
Ninja ScrollWorked on 1st attempt. Great solution. Thumbs UP!
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 26 Apr 10 at 23:54
JulianVanVelzenGood Work !
Posted by JulianVanVelzen on 09 May 10 at 22:06
ASic777Took me a few tries to get a feel for it, but it worked.
Posted by ASic777 on 20 May 10 at 23:14
Thank you so very much!!! By far the easiest way to do this :)
Posted on 16 Aug 10 at 03:14
The GlobalizerFirst try. Recommend fuel rod gun, 2-3 shots, then drop & lure.
Posted by The Globalizer on 04 Sep 10 at 00:53
Skill 2Good call Globalizer; 2 fuel rod shots and the trip-mine did the trick :)
Posted by Skill 2 on 26 Jan 11 at 17:50
SwervinCurvinwow what a pain in the ass, marines kept getting in the way and killing the brutes lol.
Posted by SwervinCurvin on 07 Mar 11 at 22:34
CurufinweI killed all the marines before I went to the area with the chopper. Just got the Achievement. :)
Posted by Curufinwe on 13 Mar 11 at 23:52
mast3r 0r0m1sTook me awhile but when you go to the chopperes, drop the warthog off and walk back up to the cave you should have a guy driving at you, I chucked a frag at him which damaged the chopper and didnt kill the brute, as soon as he got back onto it (the chopper was practically dead) I just threw the land mine in front and bam achievement popped as soon as he ran it over.
Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 26 Mar 11 at 03:10
Zaccait cant be done on easy
Posted by Zacca on 21 Oct 11 at 06:00
The 7ravelerI got it on easy.
Posted by The 7raveler on 29 Oct 11 at 06:56
KingTone122i can confirm this method can be done on easy as i just got it after my 5th attempt today! great solution. thnx man
Posted by KingTone122 on 22 Mar 12 at 15:19
zoilus681st try, cheevo down. Worked like a champ on easy. Thanks!
Posted by zoilus68 on 27 Jul 12 at 23:39
PrimeBigTimeYou should define what "almost dead" means. I ended up shooting the chopper twice with the fuel rod cannon and then laid down the trip mine. That seemed to get it to work. Someone else should confirm this then add it to the guide.
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 22 Aug 12 at 21:38
ForbannitusAppreciated the video. Great tip!
Posted by Forbannitus on 29 May 14 at 20:28
fez34nice, got it first time thanks
Posted by fez34 on 22 Sep 14 at 18:35
WilliamRSPOAI would highly recomend that you kill the bots before they end up destroying the chopper them selves
Posted by WilliamRSPOA on 07 Aug 16 at 00:54
Mr DopeGamingLate to the party, but I have this achievement for the CRAB event. Was super easy. Right after beating the wraith, snag a fuel rod cannon and your mine. Walk to the right and there will be several choppers. You can line then up between the two rocks pretty easy. Hit them with the fuel rod and drop your mine. Took me a whole 5 mins from rally point alpha
Posted by Mr DopeGaming on 27 Mar 20 at 14:10
Lazy with StyleBest place to get this on the mission Tsavo Highway is the first roadblock where there is a tunnel with an energy shield. There are trip mines in the buildings there und two choppers. I weakened the choppers with a fuel rod cannon I picked up earlier and then dropped some mines on the ground and lured them to me until they exploded! You can also get the "Headshot Honcho" achievement here by picking up beam rifles on your way and headshotting brutes and jackals. I think this is also before the Rally Point Alpha checkpoint.
Posted by Lazy with Style on 07 Jul 21 at 09:25
xRNMxSnipeKinGYeah, the brute chopper required two shots with the fuel rod cannon and then the trip mine will destroy the vehicle. Anything less will not unlock the achievement even if the driver died as the vehicle will still be drivable.
Posted by xRNMxSnipeKinG on 07 Sep 21 at 04:03
ONE CEL JUGGALOHave this achievement, overkill, and stepping razor need help completing. Also, looking to try to complete the campaign on heroic/legendary. Any care to help me out just lmk pls. Thanks!! .)
Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 09 Nov 21 at 16:53