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Be the first of a game to use a Triple Word Bonus Tile.

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22 Jun 2013
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There are multiple "TW" tiles surrounding the edge of the board. These are triple-word-score tiles. Be the first in a game to use one, and this achievement will pop
Hampshire VeganLocal?
Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 23 Jun 13 at 09:17
DwaggieniteJust use multiple profiles. None of the others have been local so I doubt this would be.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 23 Jun 13 at 09:46
SneakyStabbaloti can confirm - does NOT work local, which is a departure from WP :(
Posted by SneakyStabbalot on 25 Jun 13 at 01:24
FlukyGorgon6351I think the achievement is buggy. I didn't get it when I use the TW tile.
Posted by FlukyGorgon6351 on 07 Jul 13 at 10:52
DwaggieniteYou have to be the first person in the game to use one.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 07 Jul 13 at 10:54
FlukyGorgon6351I know that..
Posted by FlukyGorgon6351 on 08 Jul 13 at 15:50
DwaggieniteI don't know what to tell you, sorry. The gmae is currently a beta at the moment, so it may not work right.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 08 Jul 13 at 16:56
How come the Prized Syzygy and Sovereign Vanquisher works local but this doesn't? angry
Posted on 07 Jul 15 at 21:10