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Play 50 moves in all your games.

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22 Jun 2013 26 Jul 2013
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Originally, this achievement was glitched on windows 8, if you had played the windows phone version of the game.

In the glitch, if you had played 100 or more words, this achievement wouldn't pop.

If you hade played 200 or more words on the windows phone version, both this achievement and the following achievement would have been glitched:
AlphaJax (Windows)Deft DoerThe Deft Doer achievement in AlphaJax (Windows) worth 14 pointsPlay 100 moves in all your games.
Alternately, if you haven't played the Windows Phone version, this will pop normally at 50 words played in online games.

If you'd played between 100-199 or more words, only this achievement would have been glitched, and the above achievement would not have been.

EDIT: The glitch has now been patched. If you suffered from this glitch, sign into live through Alphajax on Win 8, and go to your stats page. This achievement will then pop, as well as the above achievement.
HotdogmcgeeWill it work if you try playing offline and local only? Thinking of loading it up in airplane mode on my tablet first since I'm over 1100 words on the phone.
Posted by Hotdogmcgee on 22 Jun 13 at 16:17
DwaggieniteThe game does not let you play offline as you always need to be connected to the alphajax server to check if a word exists or not.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 22 Jun 13 at 16:23
Hotdogmcgeebummer. Guess I'll be waiting for an update before playing this.
Posted by Hotdogmcgee on 22 Jun 13 at 17:11
EMT 969damn wish i wouldve read thus first. scarred
Posted by EMT 969 on 23 Jun 13 at 02:34
BonxyThere normally pretty good with there updates. They where with the WP.
Posted by Bonxy on 23 Jun 13 at 21:04
CrandyDoes anybody know if the Windows Phone version will glitch if the Windows 8 version was the first version of Alphajax you have played?
Posted by Crandy on 24 Jun 13 at 04:16
DwaggieniteI don't think anyone would have tried that.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 24 Jun 13 at 06:05
WheresUrH3adprobably just caught him in the act of cheatinggg. BAM kicked it up a notch!
Posted by WheresUrH3ad on 27 Jun 13 at 01:11
LeiChatThe 200 word achievement popped for me, but both the 50 and 100 haven't. I played the Windows Phone version first.
Just to confirm Dwaggie's info.
Posted by LeiChat on 13 Jul 13 at 13:05
DjDooksyIv played windows phone version and it just this that has not popped! Had well over 300 words played before i started this! Any news on a update?
Posted by DjDooksy on 23 Jul 13 at 20:21
SpilnerSeems an update released today has fixed this and the other broken achievement.
Posted by Spilner on 26 Jul 13 at 08:48
DwaggieniteOooooooh! I'll reboot in win 8 and check then.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 26 Jul 13 at 09:56
AP E JCNice news. Actually, you don't need to go to the stats page. It unlocks right in the main page.
Posted by AP E JC on 26 Jul 13 at 10:43
DwaggieniteOh ok. It didn't unlock for me until I went to the stats page, so best to keep it at stats just in case.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 26 Jul 13 at 10:47
AP E JCYeah. I also heard there are people who needed to delete and reinstall it. So different behaviours for us.
Posted by AP E JC on 26 Jul 13 at 15:21