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Anodyne Supremacy

Score a word that is worth at least 100 points.

Anodyne Supremacy0
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23 Jun 2013 23 Jun 2013
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Has to be done in an online multiplayer game. You can use a second windows profile to play.

Easiest way I found is to use any 5 letter word that starts with Q. So Queen, Quilt, Quiet, Quill, Quips etc. There are quite a few. What is more important is the placement of the word. There are 4 places to do this, all of them around the border. If you look at the border of the game board there are 8 triple letter squares, but with half of those, 4 letters after are also triple word score squares. So you want to have the 'Q' starting the word on a triple letter square, and the fifth and final letter of your word on the triple word bonus square.

For example, using the example 'Quiet' and the triple letter score square in the bottom right quarter of the board on the right hand border, you want to put your Q, on the triple letter and it would end with the T on the triple word score bonus, giving you 105 points because the Q is on a triple letter and then the triple word bonus.

ANY 5 letter word starting with Q in this placement will score over 100 so you aren't tooo concerned with letters, and if you are going for 'Quiet' you will find the letters come reasonably easy than if waiting for specific letters. So use your goes to put one of your 5 letters in the middle 3 of the word (Don't use the triple letter or triple word!) and then use your next go to put your 5 letter word in. For Example using 'Pole' to set you up then 'Quiet' for the achievement:

-----------Q<---Triple letter, right hand border
----P O L E
------------T<---Triple word
SENTURY111I did this with a letter z. Used the same method though.
Posted by SENTURY111 on 24 Jun 13 at 15:36
Senior ChuponI found something interesting. It may help people get this another way.

I was doing this with two computers and two separate accounts. On my primary account I actually scored the 100 point word. Since I was done I just resigned as the secondary account the game on the very next move and the achievement popped for that account also, despite the fact it never played anywhere near a 100 point word.

Could have just been some weird bug, but though it worth noting for others to try reproducing.
Posted by Senior Chupon on 08 Feb 14 at 22:30
ksiddiqueMy secondary account also got the achievement exactly as Senior Chupon described.
Posted by ksiddique on 03 Mar 14 at 17:41
VictimOfDesireUsing the last two comments, my secondary account got the letters to spell QUIET, so I did so and after my secondary got the achievement, I switched to my main, resigned the game, and also got the achievement. SWEET.
Posted by VictimOfDesire on 25 May 14 at 02:45
Lonegunman718i can confirm VictimOfDesire is right if you get it on your secondary account just resign on your main it will pop :)
Posted by Lonegunman718 on 12 Aug 14 at 00:28
GAMERJET XBLThis achievement is a real pain! angry
Posted by GAMERJET XBL on 28 Jun 15 at 11:29
speedygamers90yes it is. Hardest of them all. Can't do same method because I need 1 letter to connect them... ugh
Posted by speedygamers90 on 03 Nov 15 at 22:18
The Ol n DeJ (9 points) is quite a good letter to use too, as you can find a lot of words.
Posted by The Ol n De on 07 Aug 16 at 20:06