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Wrecking Ball

Score 25 million points worth of destruction in Wrecking Crew.

Wrecking Ball0
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20 Jan 2010 20 Jan 2010
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Here are the settings I'd recommend:

Mode: Total Chaos
Number of Players: 1
Map: Complex
Weapon: Singularity Bomb
Pack: Rhino
Building Collapse: High
Rounds to Win: 5

Your main goal is to attempt to destroy the entire Complex map. To do so, run around the outside of the map following the edges of buildings, leaving a singularity bomb at each building corner. Use the Rhino Pack when moving along from corner to corner and between buildings.

Drop a bomb at the edge of the stack when you run by as well. If done right, this nets 150k to 190k points each time.

This achievement is not difficult, but is extremely tedious. Using any other map besides complex means a much lower score and a much longer time to net the achievement. Also, setting the number of rounds to 5 means less loading time to start the map in between games.

As a side note, you might want to first do the achievement Can't Get Enough, which involves playing all modes on all maps in Wrecking Crew. This will not get you that far along, but will save some of the tedium at least. Expect to spend around 200 minutes (around 3 hours) of doing the same thing, minute by minute to get the achievement.
MastahMattThanks for the positive input Ghost. I actually wrote this because I tried other solutions posted for this achievement and none of them worked out like my own settings here. Someone pointed out too, somewhere, that you can play four players and it all add up for everybody... not sure if this is true, but it's worth a look.
Posted by MastahMatt on 19 Aug 11 at 17:13
PensFan4Life71you get a thumbs up!
Posted by PensFan4Life71 on 24 Jul 12 at 00:14
Or1g1nal S1nn3rThis achievement is cumulative, right? I probably played for around a million points worth and then stopped for a while so I'm hoping I won't have to redo the whole thing over again.
Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 21 Jun 13 at 18:42
MastahMattBeen a long time, but I don't see why your points would just go away.
Posted by MastahMatt on 22 Jun 13 at 08:55
Chris1984ukI can't stress this enough

Best method ever! Before I was doing the Thermobaric Rocket launcher and making just over 100k a match. With this method I am consistently hitting 130- 150k per match.

Thank you for the perfect method.
Posted by Chris1984uk on 23 Dec 14 at 13:14
Diesel FoleySoooooo much better and easier.nice
Posted by Diesel Foley on 13 Jan 15 at 00:23