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Wield the Mysterious Amulet

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He does spawn in Lair of Infinite Agony and it does not matter if you finished the DLC or not. His spawn is totally random.
Sometimes Mr. Wiz does not spawn to do that you need to go to Sanctuary (guess any other zone works aswell) then quit the game. Start it and teleport to Lair of Infinite Agony.

After you look at the video you'll see where you are going, if there is no yello "!" on that spot, simply redo the whole process till it spawns. Amulets costs around 125k $, can be dropped for friends so they can obtain the achievement aswell.
Yummy Baklava At least give credit to the people who you are taking the info from to make these videos.
Posted by Yummy Baklava on 26 Jun 13 at 02:17
Oki Gator I got this achievement without defeating the Raid Boss. The quest appeared during my first time through the dungeon. I played on normal with 3 friends and I had every quest for the main game and previous 3 dlcs complete.
Posted by Oki Gator on 26 Jun 13 at 06:48
CoZmic Death i cant find this guy I did it on true vault hunter mode do I have do it on normal 1st??
Posted by CoZmic Death on 26 Jun 13 at 14:54
carrbendioxide CoZmic Death He wouldn't appear for me until I killed the dragons while I'm host, went back to the main town of the DLC, and returned to The Lair of Infinite Agony.
Posted by carrbendioxide on 27 Jun 13 at 08:18
x1001x Puppys Also can confirm that he can appear before defeating raid boss, as I saw him on the way to rescue the princess. However, my amulet was WAY more expensive at a whopping 848k (not like money matters lol). I was on TVHM if that narrows it down.
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 28 Jun 13 at 06:37
xGamBeaTx maybe the money per amulet changes due to difficulty, I did mine on normal cause, well easiest
Posted by xGamBeaTx on 28 Jun 13 at 12:17
SedateRial i had him appear during the main storyline as well. I was on normal and got that achievement before finishing the main quest. Raid boss is not needed to get him to spawn
Posted by SedateRial on 29 Jun 13 at 02:56
DarKraii1 how do i get the miz to come back?? koz i punched miz in the face. lol i didnt know that miz was a chevo till like 5-10 mins later wen i checked TA.. so help!
Posted by DarKraii1 on 01 Jul 13 at 00:24
xGamBeaTx you can't, all you can do is have someone trade you amulet or start the game on other diffuculty/character and play through the DLC
Posted by xGamBeaTx on 01 Jul 13 at 00:37
z 4assed monkey Encountered and achieved BEFORE finishing main story, BEFORE even getting raid boss quest. Please edit to remove the misinformation.
Posted by z 4assed monkey on 01 Jul 13 at 13:39