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Deadpool (Xbox 360)

Deadpool (Xbox 360)

Deadpool (Xbox 360)

Beat "Death, Baby" while wearing the pirate hat

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26 Jun 2013 17 Mar 2014
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The end of the level "Death, Baby" is broken into 3 sections, the doors to which are accessed by selecting different colored statues that match the colors of the doors. Just be sure to select the purple statue before selecting the orange statue, since the orange statue and door lead to the section where the pirate hat is automatically obtained.

If you use the purple statue and door after having already completed the section accessed with the orange statue, your pirate hat that you obtained during the orange section will be replaced with a different hat. It doesn't matter what order you select the green statue in. As long as you make sure to complete the orange section after the purple section, the level will end with you still wearing the pirate hat.
ACS Eldreswill you lose the hat if you die?
Posted by ACS Eldres on 12 Jul 13 at 14:00
WEBHEAD 7No, you will not lose the pirate hat if you die.
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 14 Jul 13 at 18:44
Ninja ScrollI think this maybe glitched. I beat all 3 and ended with the Hat on my head before he started making out with death with the slow song. Oh well, guess I won't be getting this one.
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 21 Jul 13 at 23:53
WEBHEAD 7Sorry to hear that, Ninja Scroll. That's the first I've heard of it not unlocking for someone. If anyone else experiences the same (and finds a fix), please feel free to leave a comment about it.
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 22 Jul 13 at 16:03
Ninja ScrollI'm not sure if one was supposed to pick any of the 3 statues in a certain order, but I did all 3 and finished with the hat on until the cut scene where Death & Deadpool sing a slow love song together. It's all good. Just figured I would mention it did not unlock for me since I viewed your solution.
Posted by Ninja Scroll on 23 Jul 13 at 23:43
WEBHEAD 7So I did a quick double check.. I don't think you actually selected the orange statue last. Sounds like you selected the purple statue last, at least that's the only one of the 3 that leads to a cutscene where, "Death & Deadpool sing a slow love song together", but that isn't even the end of that sequence. Try the chapter again. It shouldn't matter which order you select the purple and green statues in,, just select the orange statue last.
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 27 Jul 13 at 17:00
WyndoI did Purple, then Orange, then Green, and got the achievement. I was still wearing the hat through the Green stage.
Posted by Wyndo on 07 Sep 13 at 03:19
WEBHEAD 7Thanks Wyndo. Tweaked the solution.
Posted by WEBHEAD 7 on 08 Sep 13 at 22:13