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Prolific Photographer

Take at least one photo in every research group.

Prolific Photographer0
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The requirements for this achievement are to take at least one photo in every research group. There is an extensive list but you will have taken a photo of everything up to Fort Frolic if you have been thorough. So the research categories are quite simple;

Thuggish splicer
Leadhead splicer
Spider Splicer
Houdini Splicer
Nitro Splicer

Security bots
Security camera

Big Daddy
Little sister
Upon taking a photo of a Bouncer in Fort Frolic this achievement will pop for you, if not then take a photo of every different thing in that list that you come across.
troyoyI am over half way through the game and nothing. Must be a machine, I definitely took a pic of every thing else. Thanks.
Posted by troyoy on 26 Oct 15 at 15:29