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The Inhuman Achievement

Complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert

The Inhuman Achievement0
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To play the beginning, try holding down the green with your right hand, place your other hand on the four buttons (red, yellow, blue, and orange), and then strum with your right elbow. You can now play it normally if you don't mess up in the beginning and remember to hold the green down. I find this way to be much easier to get through the beginning. Unless your lefty, I think this method may be easier. The beginning is also much slower than it appears, I use to wonder why I was missing, then I realized I was going faster than the notes, how ironic. I can get 506k 90% but that took me a very long time. Just keep practcing and you should be able to get it. Start practice on slow and work your way until you can hammer-on the entire beginning because one mistake there can fail you if you can't restart fast enough. Also, practice the solo, this for me was by far the hardest part. If you get really frustrated with the beginning, use a rubber band, and this actually helps to practice the other fingers, if you don't want to do the cheating way later on. If you can't beat it with a rubber band, you probably can't beat the rest of the song. Anyway, good luck, hope it helps.