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The Beast

You need to kill 6,666 people in Campaign

The Beast+0.2
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A Man in FlamesA Man in Flames197,842
22 Jan 2010
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I would like to add to Mumbo Jumbo UK's post by pointing out that if you shoot any barrels to kills off any soldiers, it does NOT count as a kill. Stupid as that may be, it does not add to your kill count. Also, as mentioned, doing this in Split-Screen allows you to get all the kills which on average can range from 50-60+. My personal record on this was 63 kills all in which only takes 2:10 per run.

I'm going to argue that this is the fastest way to get kills. The chapter checkpoint is called "The Fastest Way Down", in chapter 2.
tragik1978I agree with 'a man in flames', but i did not discover that the drum kills didn't count till the last 500 i needed.. my record was 70 kills for me and 8 for AI.. One thing i found was once you get on the platform, arm your upgraded (special) nade launcher. run to the right of the platform and you send 3 nades down on the guys running out. Then run to the other side (left) and throw two more nades at the guys running down below. Then run back to the right side again and you can get off another 3 more nades all before the back to back starts. I have gotten 12- 15 kills (AI -0) before back to back starts up.
Posted by tragik1978 on 04 Feb 10 at 16:19
fritzscrollI am going for this chevo but left many of the ones found in the campaign(ie finding all cats, all radio's, etc) for later runthroughs so it didn't seem like such a grind to kill all the enemies as I was also going for other chevo's in the later campaign runs. Just a thought to any who are still grinding
Posted by fritzscroll on 10 Mar 10 at 15:52