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FK specialist

A title awarded when you score 5 direct free-kicks.

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22 Jan 2010 22 Jan 2010
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Go into edit mode and edit one of the blank teams such as Team A so that all their players are the smallest they can be.
Then start an exhibiton with England (or anyone with a decent free-kick taker ) and play against the edited Team. Make it so no subs can be made and set the difficulty to beginner.
Now once you have possession you will need to run the ball towards the edge of your opponants area then turn back so you have your back to goal and then stop and hold RB, this will cause your player to put their foot on the ball and fend off the challenge from behind. Back into the player trying to tackle you and they will give away a free-kick.
Choose Beckham to take the free kick then just simply lift it over the tiny wall and into the side of the goal where the keeper isn't stood.
It might take a couple of practice free-kicks before you start scoring but you will start to bang em in eventually. Its best to hold back on the analogue stick if you are close in.
Took me 2 10 min matches to gain this achievement.
EyesWideShut575Ive tried and tried but only got 2 free kicks out of this there are always players runnin towards you and you cant fend off 4 players at once i will keep trying tho =)
Posted by EyesWideShut575 on 03 May 10 at 11:19
EyesWideShut575Haha saying that ive jus scored lol just 4 more to go!!
Posted by EyesWideShut575 on 03 May 10 at 11:22
yeahwhatever84how much power should you use and do i need to press a directional button as im taking the free kick?
Posted by yeahwhatever84 on 11 Jun 10 at 23:23
HardstyleIdefixthanks for this very good solution :)
Posted by HardstyleIdefix on 18 Feb 11 at 15:56
alanduffy101Great tip for getting the freekicks and making the team small.

For me personally i have to say i followed your England & Beckham tip and scored 0 goals in 6 10 minute matches. I saw elsewhere a suggestion to use Barca and Ibra for the holding and Xavi for the freekicks. First game i got probably 200% more freekicks than as England and Xavi scored 3 as well as hitting the bar 3 times (mainly using the down and shoot method but did score with an up and shoot as well). Second game got the other 2 goals as well as hitting the bar again so i would suggest Barca is the team to use.
Posted by alanduffy101 on 05 May 12 at 13:22
eeysithanks Alanduffy, yours worked out best for me.
barcelona ....Holding with ibra ..... scoring with xavi

BTW I scored 5 times 2 of those went via keeper !
hooah !
Posted by eeysi on 06 May 13 at 23:39
m0j0pinJust did this. Set Team A to tiny and rubbish. Ran to edge of box with Xavi, not Ibra, drew the foul. Then instead of going over the wall, just aimed at the tiny keeper, held LS up and shot, power bar just less than half way.
Posted by m0j0pin on 08 May 15 at 22:26