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Sidearm Frenzy

Kill 100 enemies using a Pistol with at least 6 players present.

Sidearm Frenzy+0.2
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23 Jan 2010
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This is a solution that I am writing for each of the Kill 100 enemies with a specific weapon class achievements. I am currently working on these achievement myself, so the following solutions are what has worked best for me. My current rank is a Major, mostly earned through player matches, so I have been playing for some time now. Alright here are the weapons classes, followed by a detailed summary of the specific class.

Pistols: Glock 18c or Desert Eagle

Sub-Machine Guns: P90 or Type 05

Shotguns: XM26-LSS or Tactical 500

Assualt Rifles: FAMAS or 552 Commando

Light Machine Gun: MG36 or MK46

Sniper Rifle: PSG1 or SR-25 SD

The Glock 18 is a full auto hand gun. Biggest problem is the kick and the terribly small clip. USE a clip extender. If you are an experienced player I suggest dropping the armor and grabbing a Desert Eagle. The Desert Eagle take 1 to 2 bullets to kill depending on the persons armor. Speed will be your friend here. Run around capping people and continue running. Don't sit and camp at all. The Desert Eagle although less powerful than the Raging Bull, gives you a clip allowing for a much faster rate of fire than the Bull.