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One Shot, One Kill

Kill 100 enemies using a Sniper Rifle with at least 6 players present.

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23 Jan 2010
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This is a solution that I am writing for each of the Kill 100 enemies with a specific weapon class achievements. I am currently working on these achievement myself, so the following solutions are what has worked best for me. My current rank is a Major, mostly earned through player matches, so I have been playing for some time now. Alright here are the weapons classes, followed by a detailed summary of the specific class.

Pistols: Glock 18c or Desert Eagle

Sub-Machine Guns: P90 or Type 05

Shotguns: XM26-LSS or Tactical 500

Assualt Rifles: FAMAS or 552 Commando

Light Machine Gun: MG36 or MK46

Sniper Rifle: PSG1 or SR-25 SD

This is the hardest to get out of all the weapon class achievements. I suggest playing on Villa. Use the PSG1 or SR-25. These two rifles use clips and are semi-auto rather than bolt action. They are both one shot kill. I suggest crouching in a corner or hugging a wall and popping out and shooting someone. You can try dropping the armor and running around and shooting people as you come up on them.