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Greedy Piggy

Obtain a gold coin

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12 Jul 2013
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As you play you'll accumulate coins from questing and looting. Once you hit 100 bronze coins they turn into 1 silver coin and 100 silver coins will become your first gold coin unlocking this achievement.
TrashMan677Is this glitched for any1? it hasn't unlocked for me yet.
Posted by TrashMan677 on 14 Aug 13 at 01:29
twppsyeah!!! got the glitch to!!! I have 1 gold 3 silver and 85 bronze.. No cheevo.
Posted by twpps on 09 May 14 at 17:41
janiwesterlingSeems to unlock also if someone gives you gold coins. I got lucky and a random lvl 60 gave me few gold coins and this unlocked a bit after it.
Posted by janiwesterling on 22 Jul 14 at 08:23
janiwesterlingWhen I tried to help someone this only unlocked when he had more than one gold coin. You can give the gold back after achievement of course. You can send gold by initiating trade, then fill in the amount of coins and just confirm.
Posted by janiwesterling on 25 Jul 14 at 08:58
If someone gives you gold you have to complete a quest then it unlocks. You only need one. All I had and I finished a quest at lvl 8 and it popped.
Posted on 22 Aug 14 at 08:20