Lost Planet 2 Review by AKFH Assassin

AKFH AssassinAKFH Assassin162,694
22 Jul 2013
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Like the main reviewer, I never enjoyed LP1, I played the demo, and turned away instantly.

I first played this game while at a friends house a few years ago, and the campaign hooked me in. Then recently Capcom had a 50% off deal for LP2, and I snagged this game on the marketplace for $5.00

I personally enjoyed the story. It took me a few play throughs to grasp the entire concept of the storyline, and why things were done here and there, but I won't spoil it.
Some of the bosses would just wreck me, and others were easy. The leveling up system was a change, but I didn't have much of a problem with it.

The characters are kind of bland, but It didn't really stop or disrupt me one bit. I did like the levels almost all the way through. The AI didn't bother me, but I do agree with the original reviewer, that this game is best played with three friends, due to the comical things that can happen with other people, and sometimes the game-play is laid back so you can actually enjoy playing with friends instead of it being entirely competitive.

This is the Achilles heel of LP2, It seems as if there is always three good players that are on the same team, and that you can get killed instantly from spawn. I hardly ever go on competitive multi-player, due to the frustration that is created by doing so.

Customization in this game is a model for all games that want to have any customization aspect to their games. My sweet tooth is for customization, and the amount of customization options that are given to you is phenomenal, and is a big influence of why I enjoyed this game.