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Zombicidal Maniac

Survive any campaign on Expert.

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01 Dec 2008
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This is a tough one two get. I think No Mercy is the easiest to do it on. Get together with 3 friends. Stick together and help each other out. Remember only one person has to make it to the safe house. My tip for part 5. There is a closet to the right of the ammo at the end. All four survivors get in. Two crouch down in door way and start melee as soon as you call for help. The other two stand behind and shoot the zombies being melee'd by your team-mates. When the tanks come run out of the building and throw a moltof at him and then run. Don't try and shoot him he'll catch up and hurt you. If he gets to close to a team-mate jump on the turret, he will instantly go for the person on the turret. You can also try to get him stuck on the ladder. You do this by climbing a ladder while he is following you and stop on the edge of ladder at the top. If he follows you will be blocking him from getting up and of the ladder. Just look down and watch him burn or soot him. Or your team-mates can shoot him. After second tank is dead get to the hela-pad the helacopter is here. If some one is down or getting pulled away LEAVE THEM. Only one person has to make and everyone in the room, even if idle, will get the achievement. WARNING!!! Be prepared for 3-7 hours of gameplay, because you will die alot and have to start at the safe-house again.
Madlmax120I just completed No mercy campaign and it glitched on me. i didnt get the achievement but in the log it shows 1/4 expert campaigns completed.. D=
Posted by Madlmax120 on 02 Dec 08 at 21:31
Kid WhimsicalAre you sure that only one person has to survive the campaign? Because the achievement does say Survive any campaign on expert. If you right it will be a bit easier to get this achieve.
Posted by Kid Whimsical on 03 Dec 08 at 22:07
AeriBouSmadmax this happened to one of my friends on no mercy also. The next one you beat on expert will give it to you. kidwgm, yes I'm sure only one person has to survive. I didn't survive no mercy and got it. One of my friends was idle from part 3 on and got it. Poor booze tan had the same glitch as madmax and didn't get until we beat blood harvest wich was the next one we beat. all I have left is dead air and I'll beat that one tonight. The trick I told you works for every part five. In blood harvest we backed into the corner of the barn on the second floor had 3 people melee, and one standing and shooting. Death toll same thing except we were right of the dock in the corner by the water. When the tank came we'd run to the house, set it on fire and out run it around the house until it was dead. Don't let him chase you into the water it will put the fire out.
Posted by AeriBouS on 05 Dec 08 at 18:05
adam2409whoever survives gets the acheivement
Posted by adam2409 on 06 Dec 08 at 15:22
AeriBouSnot true I didn't survive and I got it. Like I said one of my friends was idle and he got it.
Posted by AeriBouS on 06 Dec 08 at 17:32
Jonny RottensI finished dead air. I gota friend to help me get ontop of the plane.
Posted by Jonny Rottens on 16 Jan 09 at 23:03
WJUKFor this achievement, you need to be ALIVE when the campaign ends. So either in the getaway vehicle or down but still alive when the campaign ends.
Posted by WJUK on 16 Mar 09 at 17:45
AdamRawrrquite rightly as the adam said, "whoever survives gets the achievement".
Posted by AdamRawrr on 27 Apr 09 at 20:40
xBrushedRedxWhoever survives gets it. Might wanna revise that line. Other than that, nice tactic
Posted by xBrushedRedx on 18 Jun 12 at 00:20
WEBBisUSCCan this be done on crash course since it is shorter?
Posted by WEBBisUSC on 15 Aug 12 at 06:03