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Send gold from Coin Golf to Fable III

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31 Jul 2013 15 Aug 2013
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Just a heads up, I purchased this game in June 2013, and this achievement now appears to be glitched and unobtainable. I contacted the most recent person on TA to get this achievement (March 2013) and he said it unlocked normally, so it must be a recent glitch. Neither erasing my data or reinstalling the game fixed it. I wasn't able to get the gold transferred to my Fable III game, either, but that's not relevant to the achievement.

I contacted the game developer about a potential fix, and was told they no longer support this game. They suggested I contact the publisher, Microsoft Studios, but I wasn't able to get any help from them, either. I thought I'd post this info for any completionists who were considering buying this game.

UPDATE: CL1333 got a reply from Xbox Support on Twitter that this feature has been "permanently retired," making the achievement unobtainable.
Snow Camo KidI'm with you on this. Started playing in July '13. I was hoping it would get sorted as well, but to no luck.
Posted by Snow Camo Kid on 31 Jul 13 at 15:34
ReverendDanglesSame. Thanks for the input. Started playing in July, both Coin Golf and Fable III and can't get gold transferred or this achievement. Lamesauce!
Posted by ReverendDangles on 31 Jul 13 at 15:43
CL1333same boat here
Posted by CL1333 on 08 Aug 13 at 07:02
CL1333I had been contacting the Xbox support through Tweeter but all of them are useless and just keep looping and ask me to wait and said they are looking on this and investigating on it.... which made me further frustrated.
Posted by CL1333 on 08 Aug 13 at 07:04
CL1333Just wanna to gather up info from all other victims, I am using Lumia 800 (WP7). I was thinking whether it can be help by using WP8.
Posted by CL1333 on 08 Aug 13 at 07:27
dshaw88I just have an HTC Trophy wp7. And i agree, microsoft support is useless. They gave me a refund on the game, at least.
Posted by dshaw88 on 08 Aug 13 at 07:32
CL1333Will you/Did you tried to play Fable 3? I got this suggestion from Xbox support tweet and I am seriously considering that.
Posted by CL1333 on 08 Aug 13 at 17:42
dshaw88I maxed fable 3 long before playing this, and also played the PC version. I left it idle for a little while recently to see if the gold I earned in coin golf would transfer over but it didn't. It shouldn't matter though, this achievement is supposed to unlock even if you never played fable 3.
Posted by dshaw88 on 08 Aug 13 at 17:49
ReverendDanglesI was playing through Fable III and left my phone on and coin golf playing. Nothing.
I have a Samsung SGH-i677. I'll keep going for the Gold Medalist achievement but it's a bummer for sure.
Posted by ReverendDangles on 09 Aug 13 at 14:11
CL1333i keep complaining to Xbox support twitter, hope they are really referring this case to related department and hope some one will investigate and sort out of solution. Until now, my 100% completion of WP game record is broken due to this stupid glitch.
Posted by CL1333 on 09 Aug 13 at 19:04
dshaw88Yeah I gave up on it, unfortunately. I spent a couple hours on their live chat support only to be told I had to call them to get help. I then spent an hour on the phone only to be told I needed to contact the live chat support to get help.
Posted by dshaw88 on 09 Aug 13 at 19:08
CL1333already in touch with a xbox customer support but seems they can do nothing with it....what they can suggest is to ask us keep checking occasionally whether there is a patch or update for the fix....sigh...
Posted by CL1333 on 12 Aug 13 at 15:42
Snow Camo KidI'm on the HTC HD7. I'm not holding out hope on it being fixed though. I mean look at Revolution, that game was broken from the start!
Posted by Snow Camo Kid on 14 Aug 13 at 07:59
CL1333Already got a reply from Xbox support tweet. They mentioned the coin transfer service already "permanently retired" which means this achievement becomes unobtainable....better to inform this site and update this game's info.
Posted by CL1333 on 14 Aug 13 at 11:06
TreviosoIs there a way to mark this achievement as unobtainable now? Half the reason I started playing this game was to finish up all my other Fable Achievements!
Posted by Trevioso on 17 Feb 14 at 01:22
xCrimsonLegendxWow, how incredibly lame. I finally get a windows phone and eagerly buy this game only to find that this achievement is screwed and the special item transfer is gone... I'm going to seek a damned refund because this is grade A bullshit.
Posted by xCrimsonLegendx on 05 Jun 16 at 02:44
xXjdooksXx2They could at least update the windows phone store description, surely that's mis-selling?
Posted by xXjdooksXx2 on 30 Sep 16 at 21:17
Kikoo123i like how you can still buy this game 8 years later, but they wont fix the achievement
Posted by Kikoo123 on 11 Oct 19 at 06:45