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31 Jul 2013
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An addition on MajesticPanda's solution:

For the boss level to start you'll first have to play level 4 (duh facepalm...). After finishing level 4 the game will not save but will continue with the boss level. (If you fail the boss level you will have to restart by playing level 4 again.)

To get through level 4 just do the same as with the prior levels. Use the powerups the game provides (you have to buy them from the store first, otherwise the game won't drop them ingame), memorize the paths you take, and don't focus too much on clearing the level with 100%.

The boss level itself is pretty easy. The only thing you have to do is avoid the boxes being thrown of the cart. Don't try to jump over them as jumping takes up to much time hindering you in avoiding the next box. Just weave around each of them, you have plenty of time for that. As soon as you see a red cirkel on screen: shoot!. The bottle of booze in the boss's hand will explode and you'll have one shot less to take :)

This boss takes about 12 shots before you've won (sorry, won this one first time trying so I didn't count the number of shots fired).

Good luck and cheers toast
vzr326Need 10 shots for this first boss.
And my suggestion for avoid the box is to run in center path and watch the boss. The box appear in that line where the boss jump. Move that direction (left or right) where isn't a table or collumn in the path.
Posted by vzr326 on 30 Apr 14 at 09:31
olde fortran 77I don't think you need to re-play level 4 if you fail the Boss level. I failed it a couple of times and was always able to restart at "Boss" instead of 4.
Posted by olde fortran 77 on 23 Jul 14 at 19:44