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Complete the game on hardcode difficulty

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Best advised to do this in co-op. Twice as many guns makes it a lot easier plus being able to be revived is a massive help.

When taking on the final boss make sure to switch to a fully upgraded shotgun - it's his achilles heel and he'll go down super fast once you start circling him and blasting away!
X3nomorph83its possible to beat the game in single player ;)
i did it a few minutes ago...! was not that hard... just abuse the save option at the bossfight!
Posted by X3nomorph83 on 09 Aug 13 at 09:58
EggBigotCan you just skip to the last mission and kill the boss for achievement in multi player?
Posted by EggBigot on 10 Jul 14 at 09:12
toddycst@EggBigot-Nope you gotta do the whole game.
Posted by toddycst on 12 Jul 14 at 10:15
RegentVirus201Do you have to complete the game once before getting to choose the hardcore game mode?
Posted by RegentVirus201 on 20 Jul 14 at 23:37
Malicious Fury^RT RegentVirus201
Posted by Malicious Fury on 24 Aug 15 at 03:43
Dumbest BoxIs this in one go straight through, or can I simply beat every chapter on hardcore? It would be nice if I could grind some early chapters to get the upgrades sooner.
Posted by Dumbest Box on 21 Nov 15 at 00:51
JCDRANZER@RegentVirus201 - Yes, you got to complete the game once to unlock hardcore mode and even if it was unlocked from the get go, it would be quite difficult to do in one go without the upgrades (you got to do at least 2 playthroughs to get all the upgrades).
Posted by JCDRANZER on 04 Dec 15 at 22:22