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In CitC, complete all Blue Ribbon Challenges.

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Okay, first off, if you decide to go for this achievement please be warned that it is very difficult. It is not for the faint hearted. Irrational Games really pushed the boat out in terms of difficulty and is much harder than the "notorious" 1999 mode, even though the set difficulty is "Hard". It is obviously not impossible but if you are going for it, be prepared for many and I stress MANY hours of gameplay and possible frustration. In total it took me maybe 15 hours of gameplay (spread over a few days obviously). There were many times that I almost gave up it was so annoying, but if you are determined, you will see this achievement pop eventually.

This will not be a wave by wave guide as seen by other users, more so it will provide handy tips and tricks that believe me will help you on your way to this achievement, and possibly reduce the time. So please don't vote it down because there may not be a tip that you are looking for or something.

Though I will be talking about certain types of waves which require skill, luck and timing.

Also I would just like to take this opportunity to give huge thanks to The Kudi Zone and Alpha Wesker 5 for their extremely useful solutions that helped me get the achievement and I strongly advise you read through their solutions too.

So here are some tips that will help you:

First and foremost, Undertow. This vigor will really help you get through the waves that you already have ribbons on FAST. Infantry, Firemen or crows can easily be dispatched by throwing them off the edge and believe me the time you save will add up.

As mentioned in the above solutions, Return to sender is VERY helpful for keeping you alive in a sticky situation, so if you are near death with no chance of running, then use Return to sender!

Obviously upgrade all weapons and vigors. You will accumulate more than enough Silver eagles to get them all. By the time I had got the achievement I had just under 400k silver eagles, so yeah.

Gears. Now when going for the ribbons, PLEASE be careful about which gears you are using. Some gears like Burning Halo can void earning ribbons. For example, on the wave where you must kill all enemies with the sniper, I had burning halo equipped. I shot someone and he was electrocuted, therefore voiding the ribbons, which was pretty frustrating.
I found that gears such as "Ammo cap" and "Sky-line reloader" were VERY useful, so utilize them if you can.

Another little tip that may seem obvious is, TAKE A BREAK, even for 10 minutes. Now I was stupid enough to play for 6 hours straight on this and due to this I was extremely lethargic, woozy and felt sick. So please don't do this.

Okay, I really think I should talk about this, because it is probably the thing that gave me the most trouble and that I spent the most time on.
Duke and Dimwit, Wave 13.
Well, what can I say... This. Wave. Is. Hard.
In my eyes it takes skill, perfect timing and a lot of Luck.
So this is how I did it after the 7356387593457th time:
I used the Undertow, Crow method.
When pulling them down, try to bunch them as close as you can together, it seems as if this works better. When you throw the DK, try to throw it Right in the middle of the pack( if you can). This is why this wave is so hard, it has to be perfected.
It is also worth noting that I was not wearing the Storm gear at the time of getting this, I was notified of the fact that Storm may void getting the ribbon, in a comment in another solution. It may be a coincidence, it may not. All I can say is practise until you have perfected it, and good luck on the wave.
I must've spent 6 of the 15/16 hours on that wave alone, so believe me I went crazy when I got it.
Some people have said they got this first or second try, which must have been very lucky. If you are not so lucky, keep trying because you will eventually get it. Out of honesty it must have taken me about 50 or so tries to get this ribbon, so yeah.
If you are failing to get the ribbon with this method heres an alternate method from deluxnugs : "for the duke and dimwitt wave 13 challenge, the easiest and instant way is to: use Charge to get up top with the guys strait away then hit them with 3-4 crow blasts then let them charge you while charging up your fire trap. there will be up to 7 guys and its an everytime thing." Thanks for the extra tips delux :)

For the Decoy tear waves, I worked out that the enemies must have lost sight of you and must be looking/attacking at the decoy for the kills to count. This was most hard on the two Handymen one, mainly because it is not easy to tell when they are distracted, and when they are you have a tiny window of opportunity(of about 2 seconds) in which you can kill them and the game counts them as distracted. This wave was the second hardest in my eyes.
So for the handyman, decoy challenge (Emporia, wave 11 I think), I took the carbine and the RPG. I weakened the handymen until there was virtually no red in their health bar. Then I hung around the skyline, opening the decoys and if a handymen was near the decoy, I prepared and as soon as he turns to it FIRE THE RPG! This takes a lot of luck, it took me about 25 minutes to finish this wave, because the handymen just follow you around and it's very hard to hide from them and distract them. Also I think it's worth noting that the handymen will not be distracted if they see you opening the tear, so as tricky as it sounds, the tear must be opened fairly discreetly. Also, when killing the handymen while distracted, you must be very careful, but fast. As I previously mentioned, you have a tiny window of opportunity in order for the kill to count as distracted. If you don't shoot fast enough, then the handyman will quickly kill the decoy, therefore the kill won't count as being distracted.

The Hail fire is an extremely powerful weapon, especially against handymen and patriots. So I advise you use them as much as possible on the tougher enemies. This is also a good weapon because it fires many shots very fast and is good for getting the killing blow on waves Such as "Kill the handyman while he is electrocuting the skyline".

Okay, "Booker's doors". I suggest you only buy a door on a level that has high chance of death. Mainly because you can only buy three per play through, so they must be bought wisely. For me the levels that have high chance of death, are ones with handymen, snipers, flak cannons and RPGs.

On the wave where you have to defeat all soldiers and zealots(crows) using Bucking Bronco then Charge, be careful when charging at the zealots. Sometimes if you are not facing a wall or building, the charge will send the crow flying forward, and if there is no ground beneath them, they will fall to their death, therefore it won't count as a charge, because he died by freefall, therefore voiding the Ribbon. Another note, I would try to not touch the patriots until all other enemies are dead, because there is a chance that an enemy could be behind the patriot and get hurt, or an enemy could be killed by splash damage therefore voiding the Ribbon.

For the wave where you have to kill two enemies from a Fireman's suicide attack, have Undertow and crows ready. Try to get one fireman and two soldiers with the undertow, if successful, they should be right next to each other, then crow them! While they are crowed, keep shooting the fireman until he is almost dead. This is a little tricky because If you don't crow enough then they will disperse, and if you crow too much then the soldiers will die, making it harder. If you keep crowing, then the fireman should hopefully not run at you with the suicide attack, instead just explode there and then, and hopefully killing the two other dudes. When I first saw the challenge for this I thought "Oh great, this is gonna take forever". But actually, I did it first try haha

If you don't see a tip that you would like to see, please tell me in the comments and I will add what I know.

In conclusion, this achievement will most likely give you grief and possible anger at times. There are certain things that may make you throw your controller at the wall and such. Many people have said that the mechanics or whatever are "Broken". Enemies like the handyman sometimes kill soldiers, which may void getting a ribbon. All in all you will need a fair bit of luck to get this achievement, but if you also use skill, PATIENCE, and determination then you will eventually get this achievement.

This is a video of me doing a speed run of Duke and Dimwit theatre. I put it here because it contains some completions of Blue ribbon challenges.

Blue ribbons in video:
2:30 (Wave 4)
3:40 (Wave 5)
5:20 (Wave 7)
11:40 (Wave 15)
Alpha Wesker 5Cheers m8te. Excellent advice, especially on taking a break and using patience and focus. I too started to do terrible after trying a wave 5 hours in for the 2oth time and I too started to notice this. I'm glad you finally got the wave done for Duke and Dimwit Theater wave 13. For the Burning Halo gear, there were times I did need to take this off such as for the other achievement the ol one-two. The burning halo would keep combining with charge giving me a devil's kiss/charge combo. However, For the most part I thought this was the best hat gear. This with charge was devastating towards handyman. Especially the decoy round which you posted with the two handyman. I agree the bullet hat came in handy too!!! :) Good Job!!!
Posted by Alpha Wesker 5 on 02 Aug 13 at 15:21
YaziteThanks for the kind words :)
Posted by Yazite on 02 Aug 13 at 15:31
BLAZE VIICheers buddy, finally got WAVE 13 done with the UNDERTOW/MOC/DEVIL'S KISS tactic and I didn't use STORM either. +1
Posted by BLAZE VII on 02 Aug 13 at 16:49
YaziteCongrats on finally getting it, I know how awesome it feels to get that particular one down. How many more do you have left?
Posted by Yazite on 02 Aug 13 at 17:48
BLAZE VIINever mind finally got it stupid achievement. Thanks for the support yo. See you around!
Posted by BLAZE VII on 02 Aug 13 at 20:53
Shand Alk3I need help on Emoria Arcade wave 14. I cant find each weapon i need before being blown away!
Posted by Shand Alk3 on 03 Aug 13 at 08:02
YaziteWave 14? That's the one where you have to kill an enemy with a motorized patriot isn't it? If you are talking about the one where you kill each enemy with the weapon it wields, then start with the pistol and shotgun. The hand cannon and machine gun are all on one of the boats, so when getting them use return to sender(blue orb) to stop you from dying. Make sure you distinguish each enemy with the correct weapon. Use the above guides if you still need help.
Posted by Yazite on 03 Aug 13 at 08:42
UNeakOneOK so i just did the Arcade 12 & Weirdest Thing happened the crow flew up and i killed him against the wall, when i got back to start shooting the patriots with the sniper that is all that was left. LOL

So apparently if they fall or die or whatever it doesn't matter lol i can't believe i only killed 1 enemy with bronco and charge
Posted by UNeakOne on 03 Aug 13 at 19:23
UNeakOneOK so i just did the Arcade 12 & Weirdest Thing happened the crow flew up and i killed him against the wall, when i got back to start shooting the patriots with the sniper that is all that was left. LOL

So apparently if they fall or die or whatever it doesn't matter lol i can't believe i only killed 1 enemy with bronco and charge
Posted by UNeakOne on 04 Aug 13 at 02:49
YaziteIf they fall and die sometimes it does fail the challenge, well that's what happened to me a few times anyway. But yeah other times they have fell to their death during a challenge and it didn't fail. So it can go either way.
Posted by Yazite on 04 Aug 13 at 07:10
YaziteLook guys, if you don't like this solution then tell me why! I don't really know why you are voting this down, but it's kinda annoying cos I made this solution from my own time and purely to help others. I don't really see how this solution can do anything other than help you out.
Posted by Yazite on 15 Aug 13 at 10:30
deluxnugsfor the duke and dimwitt wave 13 challenge, the easiest and instant way is to: use Charge to get up top with the guys strait away then hit them with 3-4 crow blasts then let them charge you while charging up your fire trap. there will be up to 7 guys and its an everytime thing. easy as pie.
Posted by deluxnugs on 22 Sep 13 at 22:57
deluxnugsnegative votes are part of it. keep the solution updated and over time it will get what it deserves.
Posted by deluxnugs on 22 Sep 13 at 22:59
YaziteThanks Delux for the tips.
Posted by Yazite on 27 Sep 13 at 14:40
EarthboundXThat's how I got Duke and Dimwit, Wave 13. Used Charge to get up there, then used a trap Devil's Kiss, it killed about 6 of them, didn't have to weaken at all.

Got it on my second try, after trying the method of pulling them down, and crows.
Posted by EarthboundX on 03 Apr 14 at 07:37
YaziteAlright thanks. I will update the solution with your tips. When I tried to do it (so long ago now) it didn't work for me so I resorted to the undertow and crow method
Posted by Yazite on 03 Apr 14 at 08:35
Assassin PlLI just wanna say that the first sentence in this solution is really unnecessary. Gettin this achievement is definitely not "very difficult" it's just boring af.
Posted by Assassin PlL on 05 Sep 20 at 14:09