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King of the Jungle

Kong has imposed his supremacy over the inhabitants of the jungle

King of the Jungle0
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Snow MarleySnow Marley374,395
28 Jan 2010 02 Jan 2014
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I've seen that a lot of people got the glitch in the Level "Haze" that the Dino freezes and one of the two guys as well. There are a lot of solutions for this glitch and I've tried a few, but for me worked only this one:

Start the Level again, but ONLY with the Pistol cheat: KKtigun
then kill the 2 dinos and go up the platform, where your frind gives you the machine-gun. If he won't follow you, burn the plants down, which are down there, where the second guy is. If he is still not coming down: look at him with A and press then again A to make him do somethink. (if needed, go down again to the second guy, which is waiting where you've come from, to get closer to the guy up there)

UPDATE: (if you still stuck, check the following link)
Thanks to BeatboxingKing! He gave us an additional link to our friends over at X360A!
Thanks to PointPlaceWI! He did the work there:
Huggy2011This solution worked perfectly... i was about to beak my controller in half because my game kept glitching but this solution got me through it.
Posted by Huggy2011 on 31 Jan 10 at 00:51
PrimeiusI wish I could give you a thousand positive votes for this. Was about to snap the disk in half after this kept on happening to me. Many thanks...
Posted by Primeius on 17 Feb 10 at 09:59
Monkey540I just got through it, and you can have any cheats you want on, you simply cannot have the KKcapone one on, so you must have a different weapon, and as soon as Hayes gives you the machine gun you can then use it.
Posted by Monkey540 on 10 Apr 10 at 05:17
trufflesonlinefantastic! Been stuck with this glitch for ages , thanks alot!
Posted by trufflesonline on 21 Apr 10 at 02:05
BeatboxingKing(if you still having troubles with the glitch)

look for PointPlaceWI's solution.
Posted by BeatboxingKing on 12 Apr 13 at 09:00
Snow MarleyGlad I could help!

@ BeatboxingKing, thanks for the link! i've added it to the solution!
Posted by Snow Marley on 02 Jan 14 at 15:19