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Play 80 hours in any of the Multiplayer Game Modes

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Hi guys, this is a little different from what every one else has said what I did was system link. You can do system link by yourself(despite the name) so you don't need to worry about people joining. The important part is that system link can be done without connecting to XBL, you just have to have an Ethernet cable plugged in. I would just unplug and then plug in the cord so i'd disconnect and then play on my other xbox/computer. Don't 4get to leave feedback!smile
Vor Calv 06So instead of leaving ONE Xbox on you left TWO Xbox on for 80 hours are you MAD and don't pay ur own electricity bill. Nevermind the wear and tear on ur xboxES to boot. I cannot believe in all seriousness you've left this VILE RIDICULOUS DAFT SMEAR OF LETTERS MASQUERADING AS A GUIDE for people to use. Along with me I think you should get a life pal
Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 17 Aug 13 at 06:57
Vor Calv 06lol
Posted by Vor Calv 06 on 23 Aug 13 at 09:49
Gamechamp3000This is actually really clever; allows people without Gold to get the achievement. Good job, Nacho. :3
Posted by Gamechamp3000 on 13 Oct 13 at 01:41
BugattiMyJacketLol Vor Calv 06. Wtf were you talking about? Idk how you got all that shit you bitched about from this solution about using system link. Good solution man.
Posted by BugattiMyJacket on 28 Oct 14 at 02:54
a holy chainsawjust set up a match without in game joining, what a dope
Posted by a holy chainsaw on 08 Apr 16 at 14:25
XJCreek87I can CONFIRM that doing this Solo in System Link does work. I just got this today and all 80+ hours of my game time is in Solo System Link. Just use the most upvoted solution settings, but in System Link and you don't have to worry about Xbox Live.
I kept track of my time, and it unlocked somewhere between 94-100 hours. I had my Xbox set to auto shut off after 6 hours, so it wasn't on 24/7, which is why I only know the 6 hour window it unlocked in.
Posted by XJCreek87 on 16 Jun 20 at 17:08
HolyHalfDeadThis means if you have two Xboxes you can have one Xbox running the multiplayer offline, while you play the game on your other Xbox.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 16 Mar at 09:58