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TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Spend at least 24 hours outdoors.

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Dog of ThunderDog of Thunder232,529
03 Dec 2008
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Just start a new game and leave it running once you get to the rooftop (directly after the flyby). Really, that's it. Takes 2 hours realtime for the achievement to pop.

Don't try this method once you've actually entered the mall and gone through the opening with Brad, as at that point if you take too long, the case will run out and the game will be over, denying you the achievement.
IvanTortugaWill it really end or will it just say that the truth has escaped (or w/e) because I know you can continue game after that pops.
Posted by IvanTortuga on 11 Jul 10 at 22:14
AminoKingHello im like 3 years late but hopefully someone can reply, while doing this achievement it says uninterrupted 24 hours of game time but can i pause it or does that break the uninterrupted part?
Posted by AminoKing on 19 Aug 14 at 23:34