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Timed Stunt Driver

Execute six car stunts in 60 seconds

Timed Stunt Driver+0.1
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11 Aug 2013 11 Aug 2013
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Submitting this solution because I think it's the easiest I've seen out of all the one submitted here. It is inspired by M0nsterXEnergyy's solution for the "Hazardous Hangtime" achievement: Solution for Hazardous Hangtime in Crackdown

You don't even need any DLC nor to even drive at all. All you need 4 star driving (for SUV jump) and the agency garage. Simply jump in place with the SUV, land on your back, and correct yourself in the same direction as the jump to do a barrel roll. Repeat 6 times.

Detailed Explanation: Get the agency SUV and don't leave the spawn area. The spawn area is an elevator so it counts as being "in the air" when the car is flipped. Pick a direction you want to do a barrel roll in (left or right). Hold B and release to make the car jump and then press the direction stick in the air to make the car flip and make sure you land exactly upside down. Wait a few seconds upside down and then press the direction you want to continue the barrel roll in on the direction pad and while doing so press A to right the car. If you did it right, you'll get a notice that you did a barrel roll as well as some driving skill points. Repeat 6 times. I found this out to be the easiest and most controlled method for doing stunts for this achievement. You should be able to mess up a jump or two and still make it, though once you get the technique down you'll be able to do 6 jumps in a row with no problem.

You can also easily knock out the "Hazardous Hangtime" achievement while doing this obviously, just make sure you wait 6 seconds while upside down:
CrackdownHazardous HangtimeThe Hazardous Hangtime achievement in Crackdown worth 21 pointsExecute a 6-second jump in a vehicle
AwakeDeadeyeThank you! This one was really starting to tick me off. It's a little tricky to get the feel for it but after that it's pretty easy. Also you can touch the roof so staying in the middle was important.
Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 12 Aug 13 at 03:29
AwakeDeadeyecan't* sorry
Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 12 Aug 13 at 03:30
PrimeBigTimeBest solution so far. I tried this before I even read your guide and was going to post it myself when I saw you had it up, so thumbs up for me. The beach was too frustrating and this solution doesn't even require you to leave the agency!
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 15 Aug 13 at 16:11
PrimeBigTimeAlso you don't even need to flip back over with the A button. At least I didn't. Just hold the thumbstick in the direction you are rolling and it will (9 times out of 10) just keep rolling over back to the upright position. Just don't hit the gas on accident.
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 15 Aug 13 at 16:12
why2cjBest solution. Thanks.
Posted by why2cj on 17 Aug 13 at 16:13
NoDroidsAllowedWorked like a charm. Thanks !!!
Posted by NoDroidsAllowed on 17 Aug 13 at 21:13
Apocalypse KaneFantastic solution, thanks, +1 toast
Posted by Apocalypse Kane on 30 Aug 13 at 14:00
banzai56This worked for me and I didn't even worry about the direction of the barrel roll or finishing the flip with the "A" button (as PrimeBigTime said above).
Posted by banzai56 on 05 Sep 13 at 14:36
WhiskeyCharlieNice solution, and Thumbs up. It took me just a few minutes to acquire this one. The only thing I would add is to switch sides for your barrel roll. What I mean is, if you roll right make your next roll to the left. This keeps your SUV in the middle and gives you the height needed (IMO) to make successful barrel rolls.
Posted by WhiskeyCharlie on 27 Apr 14 at 17:06
FoolsAndKingsI agree with "WhiskeyCharlie", I've just done it and you don't need to use "A", just hold stick Right, then Left. You need to keep on top of the lift (Circle on ground) in order for it to count. +1
Posted by FoolsAndKings on 30 Sep 14 at 17:06
BrasshandeWorks like a treat once you get the timing right, thumbs up here
Posted by Brasshande on 15 May 15 at 16:42
ReliantGung hoAbsolutely brilliant.
Posted by ReliantGung ho on 07 Jul 17 at 01:24
FalensaranoAlong with what WhiskeyCharlie has said, I found starting slightly off centre and barrel rolling the opposite way really helped avoid hitting the ceiling.
Posted by Falensarano on 19 Nov 17 at 11:37
SilentRich69Took me like 20 goes to work out that holding the direction whilst holding B makes it so much easier, after that did it first time. Still a ball ache. +1
Posted by SilentRich69 on 18 Feb 19 at 18:02
EthigyVery simple and quick method. Great solution.
Posted by Ethigy on 20 May 19 at 00:38
Incredible MattGreat solution, thank you.😍
Posted by Incredible Matt on 29 Apr 20 at 16:07
FluxB0xBest solution for me and so easy to do. Thx
Posted by FluxB0x on 27 Jul at 14:00