Charlie Murder Review by Skycaptin5

15 Aug 2013 18 Aug 2013
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Pick your character as you embark on a journey to crush the crazy weird array of enemies that came from the event and rock out while doing it. It is a really crazy time filled with a beautiful and changing environment that has such a grippingly unique style. There is a great flair of RPG elements within the game from level ups to choosing skills, along with clothing or items that give you bonuses throughout your play. It is along the lines of standard RPG, though it presents it in a side scrolling (not always side to side) style of gameplay which makes it further unique and almost akin to Dust from last years Summer of Arcade. There are also some fun powerups that you acquire that will definitely assist you through the game with an assortment of pickups to help kick some more ass. The combat varies with multiple options of whichever way you want to make your progression through the game from shooting, to beating or even wailing away with the assortment of skills. The variety of levels is so vast and amazing with one second you are in Hell, where the next you are in some burnt up old bar. Each looks and feels different with new a new set of enemies and of course each are packed with a uniquely fun boss to
take on at the end. This aspect is where things change a little and ultimately influence the end of the game if you elect not to go through all the little side areas to collect organs. To the complete side of all the intense action going on there is a variety of shops littered upon your path of which you can purchase items like clothing, food, or even tattoos to improve your powers. It really is a crazy adrenaline filled story with tons of variety that is given an extra spark of style with the unique graphics that you are presented with. Don’t forget to loot well!

The multiplayer adds the base component of having multiple individuals together, it really makes sense since they are a band and all. The presence of teaming up for combos and using each other adds well to the experience and helps with the progression. The gameplay aspect is solid except for the occasional problem with the two-dimension plain and some enemy AI that may get stuck on objects or lower levels which is really just an advantage to you. Oh and some levels have crazy stuff going on in the aspect of lights/environment.

The Conclusion
Charlie Murder is most definitely the best arcade title I have played this year. It is loaded with humor, an interesting story of friendship and a crazy RPG aspect. The game is a treasure that you would be missing out on if you didn’t give it a try. Even from first completion there is the option to continue throug a couple more harder playthroughs with tougher foes/better looting. Grab some friends, get some loot and annihilate the vastly differing enemies. Don’t forget to kill all of them bosses to get all the organs for a well rounded experience and go crazy with Charlie!

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