Disney Infinity Review by pistol09pete

24 Aug 2013 24 Aug 2013
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Disney Infinity is a great game that you can enjoy by yourself or share with the family, it will provide countless hours of fun and enjoyment for however you want to play. I know Disney Infinity has been compared by many to Skylanders, the fact of the matter is that the similarities start and end with the figurines.

This game works through a portal system similar to Skylanders. The portal has three sections, the first is at the top and is a hexagon shape that you will use for going into different worlds to complete the storylines or to give your toy box world a theme. The next two spots are circles where the characters will be placed or power ups that will give your character extra bonuses in game.

The game itself comes with the portal, Sully (Monster's University), Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Mr. Incredible (Incredibles) and a world selector cube that will take you between the three starter worlds. Now on to the various sections I think are essential to covering this video game.


This is always a big factor in buying a game new or waiting until it drops in price for some people. If you are ok with an initial $75 and then purchasing extra characters and power ups (then skip the rest of this section and go to the next). This is where I was a little hesitant before purchasing. I dropped an initial $100 dollars to get the sidekicks pack to get more out of the game and have a plethora of characters to choose from. The price itself I would give a 3.5 out of 5 stars for the extras you get with the price. It is reasonable, but if you're on a budget this is a deal breaker.

Storylines and Missions

Disney Infinity did a great job here, not only did they give you three storylines to choose from, they also put extra side missions in just in case you didn't want to follow the main plot. The side missions themselves were sometimes dull. I mean by this during my playthrough of all three stories the Incredibles world specifically had side missions that seemed like a chore, but the good thing is that you don't have to do them if you don't want. Overall I would give the execution of the storylines and missions a 4.5 out of 5 for the sheer amount of options you have with 3 stories all wrapped into 1 game. (More if you purchased the Cars pack of characters or Lone Ranger)

Toy Box Mode

This absolutely is where the game goes to infinity and beyond (I had to make at least one cheesy Disney line). Toy box mode gives you infinite possibilities to create and build your own worlds and play with any character you choose. With over 1000 different objects to build from, you can build everything from landscape to different games or even create an awesome racetrack. The part that some people might not like is that you don't start with all 1000+ objects, but have to earn them by gaining spins in the disney vault where an object is selected from the board that is shown. I however really enjoy this feature because it keeps me wanting to earn more pieces to expand on my worlds. For the Toy Box Mode I give it a 5 out of 5.


Don't forget about achievements, this is an achievement tracking website. The achievements this game offers will come naturally as you play and evolve your characters. There are a series of 3 achievements that will force you to purchase and entire playset (all of the characters from one movie) to earn all 50 achievements. This is an issue if you are looking just to buy the starter pack and work your way to the completed game. In total the best way to get this would be to purchase either the sidekicks pack or the villains pack and then purchase the 1 remaining character you need in either the pirates or the monsters playset. With the achievements finding themselves between being atrociously frustrating and being too easy to give you a challenge, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5, but being forced to pay for another $40+ to get 100% brings it down to a 4 out of 5.

Overall I have decided that Disney Infinity is a 4.5 out of 5, because of its replay value with the toy box mode, opportunities to expand (Disney owns Star Wars and is coming out with Jack Skellington the best Disney character in my opinion) and the limitless fun you can have playing games you've created. There is more than what I've covered and I would highly recommend this game to any and all types of gamers. If you want to let your inner game designer out or just want to have a great game to play with your family go ahead and pick up a starter pack today.
onnovdwgreat review, really liking the game so far (the kids too). only thing they should have done differently is putting in extra (dlc) achievements for the extra playsets.
Posted by onnovdw on 25 Aug 13 at 11:22
pistol09peteThey really should have for the Cars and Lone ranger playsets. I'm hoping with the future playsets that they give achievements to match.
Posted by pistol09pete on 25 Aug 13 at 15:42
Beth BearI love it ... Really enjoying it so far me and my other half played it for 5 and a half hours straight .. Working through the monsters university story as mike and sully...
I'd give it a definite 9/10 or 4 out of five stars... Great great game.. Highly recommended :) nice review btw
Posted by Beth Bear on 25 Aug 13 at 21:14
onnovdwon their facebook they answered that there will be no extra achievements (ever)...
Posted by onnovdw on 26 Aug 13 at 07:41
pistol09pete@Beth Bear Thanks, it has been hard for me to put down as well. @onnovdw That is unfortunate and I hope that they change their minds.
Posted by pistol09pete on 26 Aug 13 at 21:45
vSullyYou don't need all the characters from a play set for any achievements.

You do need a second character from a single play set to complete a story mission in co-op, though (Team Work achievement). I got my extra character free for pre-ordering at Gamestop, so I got the full 1k for the price of the starter set.

You also need a round power disc for the Power Up achievement. A hex shaped Power Disc won't work. The one included in the starter set is random.

Typo in that paragraph, btw- ..."and entire playset...."
Posted by vSully on 29 Aug 13 at 13:35
pistol09peteThanks vsully, I will fix that when I get a chance. Also, when I made the review the achievements that say all challenges in a play set wasn't specified as normal challenges and I thought it meant all character specific challenges as well.
Posted by pistol09pete on 29 Aug 13 at 20:38
DelithThanks for the review. And letting me know the cost of such a game. Like you said, total deal breaker. Oh well.
Posted by Delith on 18 Oct 13 at 13:32
pistol09peteIt is a great game, but price will keep a lot of gamers from experiencing Disney infinity.
Posted by pistol09pete on 02 Nov 13 at 05:16