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Deadpool (Xbox 360)

Deadpool (Xbox 360)

Deadpool (Xbox 360)
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Stealth Kill Sinister, in the Prison, with the Sword!

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25 Aug 2013 25 Aug 2013
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Thought I would make a video for how to do this easily since this achievement is a tad tricky, but not difficult. But the lack of the method means a video is in order to help out.

The achievement is story related and located on the prison level.

***Spoilers here****

The achievement basically means you have NO CHOICE but to stealth kill sinister but this is a little bit tricky took me about 5 goes because I was careless with the guards patrol patterns.

Anyway here is my video on what should be a flawless method.

Also you do not have to use the sword since he seems to equip it when you kill sinister anyway so no worries about what weapon to carry.