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All That Glitters

Pick up 5,000,000 gold.

All That Glitters0
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09 Sep 2013 24 Nov 2016
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EDIT: Before vote negative PLS comment first

The "Normal" Method
The normal boost method is.

Play to Inferno akt 3 on EASY
Get around 200+% gold find
A pickup radius of round 30 inch/yard/meters

Backtrack from the Waypoint "The Keep Depths Level 3" in the Bastion back to Level 1.

With this setting i get around 100-150k gold in one hour. Round 50 Hours later and the achievement is done.

The "Ultra FAST" Method

I found out in a private Co-Op Session on one console with a friend and two 60 Champions that, when you play the game in Co-Op there is no split screen and there is NO "Single" loot.

ALL the items and gold in the session drops for ALL players and ALL players can grab it. But the best and funniest part is that it looks like that magic and gold find are "Stacked" from ALL characters for ALL characters.
With a second player i found round 400-500k gold in ONE hour. If you can get 4 Co-Op players on ONE console together and they have all 4 round 200+% gold find and only ONE grab the gold, with a high pickup ratio, then you can get this achievement ultra fast and very easy.
With this method i got the chevo in round 17 Hours playing.

If you play Co-Op you can play ALONE with 2-4 connected controllers the other players follow your champion the hole time :D

That's the solved mystery

Have fun and good luck to boost this Achievement :)

If you work on this achievement you get automatically the

Diablo IIIDeep PocketsThe Deep Pockets achievement in Diablo III worth 41 pointsPick up 500,000 gold.

as well

Edit: Gold find and boosting for gold is in every difficulty best in akt 3 in my opinion :)
Wylaf BeulbeCouple of questions:
1. When you say The keep Depths from level 3 to level 1 are you meaning backtracking from the Waypoint back?
2. What is the difficulty tier that you used (easy, normal, hard, Master I, II, III. IV or V)?
Posted by Wylaf Beulbe on 09 Sep 13 at 20:32
Sambawebyes backtracking from Waypoint back. it sounds weird but i less often run in lost corners when i backtrack the "dungeon"

i played all the time on easy. I test Easy and Master 1->5 the gold drop per hour is always the same in my runs! the higher the difficulty level's are so less faster can you crawl through the dungeons and find and pickup gold :). I add this to the solution
Posted by Sambaweb on 09 Sep 13 at 20:38
vSullyI ran Arreat Crater 1 through the Core (right before Azmodan) on Master I in Hell difficulty and averaged 300-350k gold per hour. 300% base gold find (+75% from nephalem glory or whatever). Key targets: 1) Elite enemies 2) Treasure Goblins 3) Phasebeasts, Golgors/Malachors, Demonic Tremors, and Herald of Pestilence 4) Treasure Chests/Demonic Vessels. Everything else has crappy drop rates.
Posted by vSully on 09 Sep 13 at 23:13
BLUESTEELRUNSwhere do i get the 200+% gold find item and pick up radius and what equipment is it on?
Posted by BLUESTEELRUNS on 09 Sep 13 at 23:44
Sambawebyou can find it on near every gear in yellow or orange (Legendary) quality it's very easy to rack up 200k DPS 4-5k Defense 50-80k life. but to rack up more than 250% or more gold- find-bonus (+ 75% from the nephalem glory) you make to less damage if you did this alone. i played Nightmare Hell and inferno more than 3 hours and get on any difficulty setting round 120-150k gold per hour I claim that you can't get in single player more as 200k gold per hour!
Posted by Sambaweb on 10 Sep 13 at 00:15
vSullyWell I got 300-350k per hour as I described. I went from 4-5 mil in 3.5 hours.
Posted by vSully on 10 Sep 13 at 00:36
BLUESTEELRUNSthanks for the quick reply (: ill give it a try....and tips on that dam treasure goblem i have 75 of 100 ha
Posted by BLUESTEELRUNS on 10 Sep 13 at 01:17
SambawebvSully whats your pickup radius and what gear do you wear? so if you can farm 300k gold per hour i would like to test this out an add some gear and your method to the solution
Posted by Sambaweb on 10 Sep 13 at 07:46
Tower BridgeI plugged in three extra controllers and had them follow me around. It took a while to get them to 60 but once they were and I got some modest gold % + on them I was also getting 500k per hour. Great find. You don't have to manage them at all other than revive if they drop.
Posted by Tower Bridge on 18 Sep 13 at 11:51
Sambawebi would add a video on weekend with this method to show the work :D thanks 4 the respond
Posted by Sambaweb on 18 Sep 13 at 12:58
mast3r 0r0m1sThe good thing about having so many characters is the legendary drops have increased, got 3 in one run. Were you running straight for the exit or were your cleaning out every section?
Posted by mast3r 0r0m1s on 21 Oct 13 at 03:39
TwistedTBThere is a legendary ring called the "Puzzle Ring". It has a chance to spawn a Treasure Goblin any time you get hit! If You have one of these you will get way more Treasure Goblins, and of course they drop tons of gold when killed!
Posted by TwistedTB on 19 Nov 13 at 23:06
XI AlphaMale IXSo, does this solution work? Why is it so downvoted?
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 09 Feb 14 at 16:48
Sambawebit works perfekt! i dont know why my solution is hardcore downvoted i tested it twice!
Posted by Sambaweb on 18 Feb 14 at 15:18
Sniper JZA80Hey, is there an easy way to unlock the higher difficulties with my extra controllers? I came play on Hell mode as the other controller hasn't beaten the lower difficulties. If i spend 8+ hours running through the game twice more is that really more efficient?
Posted by Sniper JZA80 on 06 May 14 at 14:32
Sambawebif your second controller character is low level you haven't enough gold find bonus :( you need for best bonus two good equipped characters :/
Posted by Sambaweb on 06 May 14 at 14:42
Dutch x MonsterVery good maths Inches and Meters are the same :/
Posted by Dutch x Monster on 14 Jun 20 at 11:40