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Chain of Jewels…

Perform a 7 chain combo in X or X' Arcade Mode (Normal or harder).

Chain of Jewels…0
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There are several ways to get a 7 chain combo but here is how it worked for me.

What I did was make a column (I did mine on the right side of the pit) using the following pattern of gems (colours do not have to be exactly the same, and you can put crash gems on top if you prefer).

YELLOW (crash gem)
GREEN (crash gem)
BLUE (crash gem)
YELLOW (crash gem)
BLUE (crash gem)
GREEN (crash gem)

Once you've managed to make the same type of column (all crash/normal at the bottom, "Key" block in the middle, then matching normal/crash gems on top) you need to break the "Key" block (marked as **RED** in the list above) without breaking anything else in the column, then just wait for the achievement to appear! smile

It's also very wise to keep 1 column empty for any diamond gems that appear.

The key point is patience! It may take several games to get the exact number of useful gems (crash and normal) required to achieve this.

I've linked a video that shows this technique in action (pretty poor quality but it shows the general idea). Video belongs to "rayjay2"
It's worth noting that the top gems can be either normal or crash - 2 crashes will still destroy eachother and continue the chain. In other words, if you see a crash gem of the right colour use it - don't wait for a normal gem to appear.
Posted on 24 Jan 10 at 06:31
TheMunchdownAlso, make sure you leave one column completely empty so that when you get your diamond, it doesn't ruin your setup. You can most likely get this before your second diamond comes along, so after the first one, it becomes less of a concern.
Posted by TheMunchdown on 26 Jan 10 at 02:21
DaShAgTook me 10 tries Ruthless, you dont have to build them the way Araknid said. Just make sure you have 6 crash blocks on the bottom, 1 block which will act as the spacer. Then stack the other 6 so they can be combo'd.
Posted by DaShAg on 30 Jan 11 at 14:26
DaShAgI might do that mate, I'll keep you informed
Posted by DaShAg on 14 Feb 11 at 16:24
VictimOfDesireFINALLY got this achievement. Thank you so much.
Posted by VictimOfDesire on 16 Mar 11 at 05:57
ZatosanPatience definitely was the key. I messed up this sequence at the very top and "only" got the chain of 5 achievement. I had to set this all up again in another match to finally get the chain of 7. Whew! Your guide made it much easier than I thought it would be! Props at DaShAg on saying that you don't have to exactly match. I used crash blocks on the top and this worked out fine for me.
Posted by Zatosan on 25 Mar 11 at 04:51
PeeMcPeeDoes getting this achievement unlock the one for a chain of 5 too?
Posted by PeeMcPee on 19 Apr 11 at 09:42
Yes it will smile
Posted on 19 Apr 11 at 11:03
fbsartsHOW COULD YOU PUT A 13 GEMS COLUMN IN A 6x12 GRID? The 13th line is "off screen" and way too high to be used in a proper way, even with speed set to 1, after some time the pieces increment their speed (in every mode)!!! You don't just need patience, also tons of luck! A easy way could be dividing the chains in 3 colums... I'll try to find a tech and maybe write a solution in the next days. :-(
Posted by fbsarts on 15 Aug 11 at 16:15
You give me a negative just because you can't do it? Thanks...
Posted on 15 Aug 11 at 17:24
fbsartsActually not "because I can't do it", but because your way is too much based on luck (imho). Sorry you took it the wrong way. I tried 3 days to put that final gem on the 13th line, then I decided to quit your way. I wrote the feed, managed to reduce the high of the column and wrote the other solution. The neg stayed up for just few hours, so I guess you sign-in in that very period.
If you find my solution useless or vague, please put a feed, 'cause it looks you're WAY better than me in unlocking this achievement.
Posted by fbsarts on 17 Aug 11 at 03:28
LordjiHi guys. Just a comment that can seem obvious for the majority of players but I only thought about it after ten losses or so. When the last gem you need is about to appear, you have to instantly press right + A or B (depending whether the gem you want in below or above) to have it because you cannot have the two appearing gems staying vertically. Then after a few tries and a bit of luck, you can get this achievement pretty easily. Cheers.
Posted by Lordji on 11 Aug 12 at 19:01
Conker fan 001This achievement is infuriating. I know how to set up the combo but the game never (and I literally mean never) ever gives me the right blocks. It either forces me to keep stacking on the other side till there's no more room or I get half way sst up and my opponent either drops crap on me or loses. This is one of the most ridiculous achievements I've ever gone for.
Posted by Conker fan 001 on 05 May 15 at 22:22
ReaboAwesome guide. Nearly got it once. The got it 20mins later! +1 from me :)
Posted by Reabo on 01 Oct 15 at 22:43
rob25XVery tricky and luck based achievement. Got it eventually after trying this method many, many times. +1
Posted by rob25X on 20 Aug 16 at 09:35
Legohead 1977Sorry, got to agree with fbsarts. This is a highly luck based achievement, and I got to the stage where I just needed to add the top gem a number of times, but it was ludicrously difficult.
Posted by Legohead 1977 on 22 Mar 18 at 11:09
Eva LiThat's solution it's useful.
Posted by Eva Li on 10 Oct 19 at 13:44