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Power of the Cross

Find all 3 Beatrice stones

Power of the Cross0
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05 Feb 2010
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In order:

1 - When in Limbo, go down to where you smash the door with the burning man. Continue through the tunnel, DO NOT GO THROUGH THE SIDE DOORS YET, you will come to the head of the huge demon you killed at end of last chapter. Push it out for Burning Eyes achievement. Turn the corner and the stone is in the fountain next to the Eyes of St Lucia relic.

2 - In gluttony, hall of mirrors puzzle on right hand side.

3 - Descent into Greed, in the tunnel, just before the end, there are ledges on either side. Jump up onto the right-hand side one. instead of jumping straight to the left-hand side, try jumping diagonally left and backwards, this should take you under the archway. Use only one jump to do this and just as you get under the archway press A again to double jump and grab the ledge.
m0rph3us17Re #2... this requires you to jump to the right off the moving platform. The jump can be a bit tough due to the platform rotating and moving. The best way to do it is to get on the platform, and move across to the side with the rung hanging down underneath it. The best time to jump is when the platform moves across to the right and the rung is on the right hand side (i.e. facing the area with the fountain).
Posted by m0rph3us17 on 10 Feb 10 at 21:56
I SpuDz I UKi got 1 in anger
Posted by I SpuDz I UK on 22 Aug 10 at 09:47
Dingo SaladI also got the one in anger. You can probably only know that if you don't collect the ones before them to finish the cross. It's right after you fight some enemies in a doughnut shaped area with a little 'pool of bad' in the center. You come to a rope you can hang from and go across that has a health fountain beside it. If you go all the way across instead of jumping down the Beatrice fountain is right by the magic fountain.
Posted by Dingo Salad on 23 Aug 11 at 09:58