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All That Glitters

Pick up 5,000,000 gold.

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13 Sep 2013 14 Sep 2013
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I want to write this guide mainly to help Demon Hunters though it will work for anyone and is the best for anyone. It's mainly the same as vSully's guide (and he includes a video so you can see it in action as a Barbarian).

At the end, I was getting a consistent 375-400k gold per hour. Nowhere else got anywhere close.

Where and What?
Hell Mode. Act 3. Master 1. Choose the quest to kill Azmodan.

You will start by porting to Arreat Crater Level 1. Make a bee line all the way through the Act until you ENTER the Heart of the Cursed. At this point, port back to town and then go to the Core of Arreat. Run through there until you get to the entrance of the Azmodan fight. Don't kill Azmodan - he drops very little gold and it's not worth the time.

Now, star over. If you went to all the areas I said, the first area will have reset and you can clear it again keeping your Nv stacks.

What to Kill?
You'll want to kill only the elites and bigger enemies. Bigger enemies means Heralds of Pestilence, Phase Beasts, Golgors, Malachors, and Demonic Tremors. They almost always drop gold. Everything else rarely does. Elites of course always drop gold so they're worth killing.

You'll also want to stop and open all chests and demonic vessels as they always have gold as well.

Of course, you'll want gear with Gold Find on it. There are lots of options and if you can find others to give you gold find items, you can get quite a lot of it. The maximum gold find you can have on your character through items and Paragon levels is 300%. You can check this on Easy. The extras from Master 1 and Nephalem Valor will add to the 300%. Thus, the max you can have is 435%.

Generally, any item with gold find is better than anything else as long as you do enough damage to kill things quickly. You should be fine with anything more than 100k damage in the character screen and that's easy to get (I ran with 160k and also prioritized move speed and pickup radius).

Demon Hunters
Here you go. First and foremost - the most important thing to learn that I didn't discover until I had already lost hundreds of thousand of potential drops - DO NOT USE THE FERRET COMPANIONS. "But why!? They give me 10% gold find and pick up my gold for me!" Well, as it turns out, the gold the ferrets pick up DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD YOUR TOTAL. Yup. Don't make the mistake I did. This inspired me to write this guide.

Bola Shot - Imminent Doom (There's not much use for this, but it's better than the alternatives for non-hatred abilities and it's useful against the illusion elites)

Rapid Fire - High Velocity (Use this to kill everything quickly)

Shadow Power - Night Bane (Heals you to help kill reflect damage elites and gives you a little extra hatred so you can go longer)

Vault - Tumble (If you're moving, you should be vaulting)

Preparation - Focused Mind (More vaulting)

Strafe - Stinging Steel (Or drifting shadow if you don't have a lot of crit. Use this to generate preparation on the run if you're out. Otherwise, never use it)

Night Stalker (More discipline means more vaulting)

Vengeance (Extra base hatred so you almost never run out and more discipline means more vaulting)

Tactical Advantage (The most important one - Wait 2 seconds in between each vault)

Vault through the areas until you get to an enemy you want to kill. Kill them with Rapid Fire, then keep vaulting. Use other abilities as described above.
BLUESTEELRUNSman positive on the solution,now if i could get some good items im only at 150% gold find and im only getting about 120,000 an hour this is brutal,where can i get better gold find items and stay alive because im on medium,master 1 was to much ha (: im lvl 60 +3 but my eq,sucks for gold.
Posted by BLUESTEELRUNS on 15 Sep 13 at 01:48
EurydaceI'd give you some but I sold the game the second I got my 1000. I tossed around my items to quite a few TA members so maybe one of them can be so generous.

For you I'd recommend farming Inferno for a while. I did so for about 8 hours and got up to 300% gold find. I actually lost 100% duping items for someone but I replaced it with Hell level legendaries (including Goldskin) and that made up for it.

If you can only do Normal then that's fine. Master I is worth 60% gold find. It's less significant the better your gear is.
Posted by Eurydace on 15 Sep 13 at 07:08
BLUESTEELRUNSok thanks for the reply im a monk by the way (: and im up to 163 % gold find its a slow process because im still grinding gear at the same time ahhhhhh ill get it though (:
Posted by BLUESTEELRUNS on 15 Sep 13 at 11:25
Archer RivalWhen you get to the Azmodan entrance, do you go in or portal straight back to town? I portaled to town and the enemies didn't reset.
Posted by Archer Rival on 19 Sep 13 at 21:01
Archer RivalWhen you get to the Azmodan entrance, do you go in or portal straight back to town? I portaled to town and the enemies didn't reset.
Posted by Archer Rival on 19 Sep 13 at 21:11
EurydaceDon't go in, you can't port out if you do. Areas you should enter:

Arreat 1
Damned level 1
Damned level 2
Heart of the damned
Arreat 2
Cursed level 1
Cursed level 2
Heart of the cursed (go inside, port out)
Arreat core

If you do all those it should reset. I had my game installed - perhaps that matters.
Posted by Eurydace on 19 Sep 13 at 21:42
EurydaceIf it doesn't work, try adding areas to the end (keep depths - port to level 1 and walk I to 2) Remember if you go back to Arreat 1 and it's not reset just restart as it'll be out of order.
Posted by Eurydace on 19 Sep 13 at 21:44
Archer RivalMine's installed as well, but that order didn't reset anything. All the enemies were dead upon entry back into Arreat 1. I'll try the tip on adding some more areas, though.
Posted by Archer Rival on 19 Sep 13 at 22:34
ATCSThis achievement is ridiculous.
Posted by ATCS on 20 Sep 13 at 00:58
WayzoftheRavenAnyone got a goldskin to allow another TA member speedy finish? maybe we can do a trade forum or something to pass the parcel.
Posted by WayzoftheRaven on 07 Oct 13 at 20:36
EurydaceI sold my game or I'd toss you one. You can dupe in this game (drop the item then immediately dashboard), so hopefully you can find someone to help.
Posted by Eurydace on 07 Oct 13 at 20:46
magiccigamIf i do it in the order Snowed mentioned, it resets for me. Maybe you have to go near the entrance to azmodan. Near there the game will autosave...maybe thats the point where the enemies in crater 1 resets
Posted by magiccigam on 14 Oct 13 at 14:06
EurydaceI didn't always run to the end of the last area though. I thought it was the worst one and if I was having a lot of spawns so far I reasoned it was unlikely to have a lot there too so I'd zone in and immediately port out without even killing anything. It all still reset.
Posted by Eurydace on 14 Oct 13 at 14:44
Sneaky G WizardMine reset fine but I am collecting 100k in an hour. Not very fast for me at all.
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 27 Nov 13 at 22:37
EurydaceSounds like you need more gold find. Watch the video in the other solution - it's exactly what I did pretty much (other than resetting it). I spent a good 6-10 hours grinding gear on Inferno at a reasonable pace.
Posted by Eurydace on 28 Nov 13 at 01:13
AvengedAgainstMy gold find is at 451%, so am I wasting some dexterity and other stuff by carrying extra gold find. I guess what I'm asking is, does the game cap you out?
Posted by AvengedAgainst on 26 Jul 14 at 05:42
EurydaceStart a game on normal (it must be normal as it has no modifiers). If your good find is above 300% it's wasted. Yours will be too high.
Posted by Eurydace on 26 Jul 14 at 15:38
DrunkLastKnightFound out with same screen coop it doesn't count if your party members pick it up, it has to be you specifically
Posted by DrunkLastKnight on 31 Aug 14 at 23:34
Apocalypse KaneNice solution +1
Posted by Apocalypse Kane on 20 Feb 15 at 17:42
KillrNutThis was the solution I used. Used a barbarian and just did Core of Arreat over and over.
Posted by KillrNut on 12 May 18 at 01:56
Addicted2RPGsAnyone have any gold find items that they'd be willing to part with or dupe? Goldwrap or Goldskin would be amazing!! I need more movement speed, and gold find. I'm getting about 140k per hour, and I really need to get that bumped up if possible. Thanks so much guys for the solutions. I'm doing this on a friends account, and I had given all my gear away a long time ago when I finished it originally
Posted by Addicted2RPGs on 20 Jun 19 at 13:46