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Beat game on Extreme difficulty

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1. Introduction
OK, so I'm going to try and keep this guide short and sweet, since I'm sure a lot of you guys reading it will want to spend less time reading and more time earning those achievements.

Since you are here reading a guide for the expert difficulty achievement, I'm going to assume you already know the requirements to complete each level, so the only thing I'm going to be discussing in this guide will be some collectables and tips to help with enemies and bosses, as well as what I think is the optimal route through the game. I will be pointing out every 1-up collectable that i have managed to find, along with the two heart collectables available from the extreme difficulty.

The guide will be split up into sections, hopefully making it easier to find everything that will help you complete the game, and descriptions will be given for each enemy, as well as tips on how to handle them. This format will allow you to pick and choose aspects of the game that you wish to learn about, and skip anything you already know. A map will be given for each area to help you pin point the location of each item/objective.

The final thing i want to mention before we get into the main guide is the pogo. The extreme difficulty forces you to use the hard pogo setting, which in my opinion, is the hardest part of this whole achievement. getting used to using this pogo may take some time, so its worth practising with this pogo if you are reading this guide in advance to actually having completed the game on hard if you are considering going for the completion. Trying to kill enemies with very low head room above them is very tricky to do and also very dangerous, so try to avoid it when possible.

2. The Vault
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Extra Lives:
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After saving the second nephew, you will climb a large rope. Once at the top, stop off to the left against the wall, and jump up until you reveal all 3 hidden small chests, using the rope to help you if you need it. The top chest will reveal a 1-up, indicated in the picture above with a yellow square.

Beagle Boy - Not much to say about these guys. Simply bounce on their heads to kill them and don't run into them. These guys like to show up in many of the levels within the game, but all equally as easy as they are on this level so i wont bother mentioning them again.

Boss Fight: Big Time Beagle
The first boss in the game, and it shows, so don't sweat it. This guy only has one phase and requires 5 hits to defeat.
The phase consists of him throwing an object at you. There are only two types of shots that he will make, so you dont have much to memorize:
High Shots - simply pass under the globe/statue, then jump back over it to hit it with your walking stick.
Low Shots - This attack requires you to jump over the glove/statue, then jumps back over it to hit it with your walking stick.
After hitting the object, it will hit the safe suspended in the middle of the room, causing it to drop on

2.5 Choosing Your Path
Because the next section of the game allows you to choose which level to select, it would be wise to choose the two levels (Transylvania and The Himalayas) with the heart pick-ups in them, as they will be VERY useful when dealing with the rest of the game.
The order in which you choose the next two levels doesn't really make much of a difference, although I would advise you to choose the level you are LEAST confident with first. This means if you do mess up and have to restart the game, you will have wasted less time.
In my experience, i have found it better to do The Himalayas level first, as you collect two extra lives on this level. It also allows you to go into Transylvania with 4 hearts, meaning if you are comfortable with this level, you can save the heart chest until right before the boss just in case you need to fill your life bar.

3. Transylvania
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Its worth pointing out on this level, that you may want to leave the upper objective (accessible by the small portal outside the boss portal secret room) until last, as this is a VERY good location to pick up health items (ice creams) in preparation for the boss.
Be VERY careful when running outside to the lower objective, as ghosts will spawn almost on top of you (a tiny bit ahead). it is very easy to lose a life to these guys if you aren't paying attention. They will also continue to spawn in the room of the final objective you to after you save the final nephew.

The Heart Chest:
The entrance to the room with the heart chest can be found on the floor below the entrance to the boss room. The picture below shows the hidden passage way to the chest. The level map can be used to get a rough area of this location.
External image

Boss Fight: Magica
This boss consists of three rounds, each one slightly harder than the previous. Each round is made up of the same attacks and are all dealt with in the same way in all of the rounds. Below is a list of her attacks in the order:
Vertical or Horizontal fire beams - The vertical beams are slightly more luck based than the horizontal ones as all you have to do is move out the way, but it is easy to get trapped on the harder rounds when there is more beams. The horizontal beams are not luck based. Simply hop onto the rock to dodge the beam. Each round will increase the laser, so you will be required to jump one block higher each round. Once you have dodged three random laser attacks, she will offer you the chance to pogo on her head and move onto the next attack.
Magic Mirrors - Simply attack the mirror with magica's face on it. If you are too slow, you will take damage. Once the mirror is destroyed, she will again, offer you the chance to pogo on hear head to move onto the next attack.
Vulture - Directly after you attack her in the previous attack, she will turn into a vulture. She will fly over you head ONCE, and then swoop down to attack. It is at this point that you must land a pogo on her head to move onto the next attack. If you fail to hit her, she will continue onto the next attack, so technically you could just avoid her on this phase.
Spread Shot - Directly after hitting her in vulture form, she will appear at the side of the map that she was travelling towards as a vulture when swooping at you. This gives you time to move far away from her to the opposite side of the room so you will easily be able to jump over the low ball shot, while not hitting the diagonal shot.
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4. The Himalayas
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The Heart Chest:
The second and final heart chest can be found relatively fast on this level. head off from the start, and then head down. you can choose the first or second downward option, it doesn't matter. once the two paths converge, there will be another rope down leading to the room shown in the picture below. Head right through the secret passage and the second heart is yours.
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Extra Lives:
Directly to the left of the first objective rabbit, you will see three ice block in a small L formation (Shown below).
External image

Jump on these to leave the screen and head left off screen as far as you are able to go. Then hold up and you will be climbing a rope to a secret area. Once at the top of the rope, look to the left and you will see a lone ice block against the wall. Jump on this to get some height against the wall and reveal the extra life.
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Boss Fight: Yeti
- Coming soon -
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5. The Amazon
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For this level, I found the easiest and most life friendly method to collecting the initial objectives was to drop down into the cave and collect the objective to the left and then to the right. Then double back on yourself and head back outside the way you came in as the underground is FAR harder than anything above ground, and since the final underground coin is accessible via the second rope down without any risk, it should be collected this way. If you do happen to take a hit while collecting the middle underground chest, don't worry, use the grace period to run as far as you can. its almost worth losing a life on this part to speed things up, since once you head back up the way you came and directly to the right, there will be a small chest with an ice cream in.

Extra Lives:
External image

Directly after the boulder chase section of the level, you will find yourself in the room shown in the picture above. Instead of continuing to the right, climb up the rope indicated in yellow. This will lead to Mrs. Beakley who will present you with a 1-up, along with 2 heart restores.

External image

Shortly after the first extra life pick up (after the boulder chase) you will come to a rope. Climb this rope and you should see two small chests sandwiched between some rubble. The extra life pick-up is in the chest against the wall, furthest to the right.

Boss Fight: Stone Head
- Coming soon -
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6. African Mines
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Extra Lives:
External image

Right after heading down the elevator, run through the gap shown in the picture above and you will find Mrs. Beakley, who will present you with a 1-up, along with 2 heart restores. Once you have collected the lives, run back the way you came and head down the rope, as there is nothing worth risking hearts for if you carry on to the right (unless you want gems).

Boss Fight: Terra Firmie King
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7. The Moon
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On the bottom level of the spaceship, to the left and right, are one way ropes leading out of the ship onto the planet surface. I would advise you to use these when trying to get from one side of the large gap (the gap with the rope leading into the ship). Although it is possible to scale this gap, its really not worth risking a full life (or more) to do it, so head into the ship via the rope, and then head in the direction you want to go and use the one way rope down onto the surface.

Extra Lives:
External image

Located at the very top left of the map, hidden in the small chest shown above in the yellow square.

External image

As you head up to the right side of the map, you will come across a section where you are able to climb straight up after just coming up from the previous floor. instead of heading up, which leads outside into space, head left and you will come across three red squid. Head up the rope in the picture shown above and you will run into Mrs. Beakley, who will present you with a 1-up, along with 2 heart restores.

Boss Fight: Mutant Rat
External image

8. Mount Vesuvius
- Map Coming Soon -

Extra Lives:
External image

Right after the section with the boulders rolling over the spikes, you will end up in the location shown in the picture above, head to the left through the secret passage way and pick up the final extra life in the game. It will be hidden within the bottom right chest inside the secret room.


Boss Fight: Count Duckula

Post Boss Race:
This section of the game is split into two parts, the first part being pretty simple. Just follow the ropes and platforms and don't take too long and you will do just fine.

The second part is not so simple. Below is a video if me doing this method, after losing many lives trying the "legit" route.
Congratulations! you have completed Ducktales Remastered on the hardest setting. Give yourselves a pat on the back and go enjoy that 75G achievement. :D
DJCardSharkFantastic so far, exactly what I've been waiting for. Can't wait to see the rest :)
Posted by DJCardShark on 16 Sep 13 at 01:32
AbsolutioN IXBrilliant guide so far, I know the one thing that just drives me crazy about extreme is the hard pogo. Something just feels off about it but I guess it's something you just to have to wrestle with.
Posted by AbsolutioN IX on 16 Sep 13 at 04:19
SkeletorjusThat alternative route for the very last part was a godsend for my playthrough on hard, the damn lava had my blood boiling! Thank you!
Posted by Skeletorjus on 16 Sep 13 at 14:30
Hairy Cabbage@ Tornprince2012
The 1-up locations are different for each difficulty, i just double checked, but there isn't a 1-up item to the right of mrs. Beackly.
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 16 Sep 13 at 15:12
Meat WisdomI'd highly recommend doing The Himalayas before Transylvania, as it was the hardest level for me. It's got ice, precision platform jumping, snow you can't pogo on, falling icicles, and those damn goats. Combine all that with hard pogo and you've got a recipe for disaster.

I ended up dying three times on that level, but in the end I still beat Extreme (though in hindsight I probably should have just started over). I also ended up dying three times on Mount Vesuvius, twice on the climb at the end (once because Magica and Glomgold move a lot quicker (remember that, future Extreme players), and once on the second part because my holding up on a chain didn't register).

That last part really got interesting. And when I died on the first part, I thought for a second that I fell victim to that glitch where the game doesn't restart the chase, and you instead can only move around offscreen in futility. That would been MADDENING if it happened on Extreme mode, as it took me an hour and a half to get to that point.
Posted by Meat Wisdom on 17 Sep 13 at 08:21
Hairy Cabbageyes son of kyuss. DONT try to skip the cinematic if you fail once. Doing so will glitch the game. I should add this into my guide.
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 18 Sep 13 at 02:52
phrozanIt should also be noted if you are playing on hard there is another extra guy right before you enter the yeti fight just jump up next to the wall prior to entering I saw it drop as I was moving too fast and entered the cinematic already. Great start on this guide by the way!
Posted by phrozan on 18 Sep 13 at 03:58
Hairy Cabbage@ Phrozan

This is a guide for extreme, not hard ;)
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 18 Sep 13 at 15:00
Terry McGinnusThank you so much for this. I didn't see this achievement happening for me but I got it today and your guide really helped
Posted by Terry McGinnus on 21 Sep 13 at 17:57
Hairy Cabbageglad it helped : )
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 21 Sep 13 at 18:41
Scedonit's not just skipping the animation that causes the stuck off screen glitch on the first run. trust me =(
Posted by Scedon on 22 Sep 13 at 09:56
tornprince2012Scedon, there's no way to know what causes the glitch. I got the achievement on my fourth (!) playthrough. First three times I lost the race and it immediately glitched, no skipping, no other stuff, just glitched. Whoever catches it, stay strong, there's no way around it, just another full run ;(
Posted by tornprince2012 on 24 Sep 13 at 23:30
ScedonMy comment is no negative remark on cabbage's brilliant guide, more so that the game is glitched at the cutscene and it could lock out at anytime it likes
Posted by Scedon on 28 Sep 13 at 13:35
MR WOLF 12000Achievement obtained, second attempt. Thanks for all the tips like the glitch!
Posted by MR WOLF 12000 on 14 Oct 13 at 23:03
Wookiee Hairemif you get the clutch just hang in there, I did and it eventually have me the checkpoint again, so be patient if it happens, you may get lucky!
Posted by Wookiee Hairem on 26 Oct 13 at 14:23
Keska RayburnWith the release of the patch, hopefully the glitch is in the rear view mirror.
Posted by Keska Rayburn on 12 Nov 13 at 01:24
ShaneKarmaYou're the man for doing this. I wish I could give you a thumbs up but I'm using this for the retail version. I suggest you copy and paste it there so no one snags an amazing solution with great detail. Can't thank you enough for your work brudda!
Posted by ShaneKarma on 17 Nov 13 at 22:34
Hairy Cabbagei wish i could but im comming from the UK. sadly we don't have access to the retail version so i am unable to copy it over. i did try :(
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 18 Nov 13 at 00:01
L0RD MelchettJust a quick question: If I beat the Extreme difficulty does it also unlock the achievements for the easier difficulties or do I HAVE to complete the game on each difficulty level to unlock their respective achievements? Just wondering whether to do Hard first or go straight to Extreme if I can unlock both achievements by doing that. Thanks for any replies.
Posted by L0RD Melchett on 03 Dec 13 at 12:21
Hairy CabbageAs far as im aware they are not stackable (and there is no stackable icons on the achievements on TA) but im not 100%. I had already beaten the game on the earlier difficulties before doing this achievement.
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 03 Dec 13 at 17:46
CRO5573Yif you get a very bad start on the final level like losing a few lives before making it to the boss, can you pause it and quit level back to level select and retry with all your lives? or does it not save??
Posted by CRO5573Y on 23 Jan 14 at 16:43
tornprince2012If you quit, you have to restart the whole game again. That was "the point" of the hardest mode, I think... To go in one sitting without continue.
Posted by tornprince2012 on 23 Jan 14 at 16:54
CRO5573Ythanks. IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING PROBLEMS DOING THE DIME RACE? I KEEP CATCHING CORNERS AND EDGES WHEN I TRY AND CLIMB UP. MISSING ROPES BY A TINY BIT. Very very very annoying. I have no chance at this achievement because that dime race took me 30 attempts to complete once on hard. angry
Posted by CRO5573Y on 24 Jan 14 at 19:00
CRO5573YAfter failing on Hard 30 times, I went for it on expert and WOW I did it in 1 playthrough. Amazingly I did it quite easily. Got to final boss with 8 lives. Got to Dime Race with 7. Got to Lava Run with 3. Finished with 2. And I thought it would be impossible for me shock never give up on your achievements no matter how difficult they look. Great guild mate. Helped massively. Thanks a lot!
Posted by CRO5573Y on 25 Jan 14 at 01:59
Hairy CabbageGlad it helped :)
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 25 Jan 14 at 15:22
DaOverUnderSo is there no plans at finishing this?
Posted by DaOverUnder on 14 May 14 at 19:24
Hairy Cabbage^ Ha thanks for reminding me. I will tidy this guide up a little after my exams are over (sometime after the 20th may).
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 14 May 14 at 19:32
The AchievemanIt's easier with the fastest way (the last level). If I had seen this video before, it would prevent me from ever die because of the lava: D
Posted by The Achieveman on 19 Jul 14 at 12:59
EarthboundXGot a small tip, turn on Quick Cinemas in the main menu options.

I'm playing through again on hard for cash, after just beating extreme, and it turns off most/all cutscenes. You won't have the save the boys in the first level, so there's no way to take damage from the lasers at the third boy.

It's a small thing, but I think it might help a bit.
Posted by EarthboundX on 22 Oct 14 at 00:19
EarthboundXWell, unless that option only unlocks after beating Extreme.

I'm not sure, didn't check the options again until beating Extreme after playing the game for the first time.
Posted by EarthboundX on 22 Oct 14 at 00:29
Hexa FoxI just wanted to great guide you have here Hairy Cabbage. I, and guessing a lot of other people appreciate the time you took to put it together. I like to know how difficult a game is before I start it. I came across your guide and extremely happy I did. Because I turned on the Hard Pogo setting right when I started and got used to it. This alone made the Extreme play through much easier.

It was not an extra element to screw me over starting on Extreme. It is always much harder to do anything under pressure. I had the last level down to a science before I started Extreme. Then lost five or six lives on the last level because I changed how I played it to be more careful. Which screwed me up.
Posted by Hexa Fox on 16 Nov 15 at 08:15
ozzyboy87Is anyone else have a problem getting a grip on the first chain? I have gotten to the end of the game
multiple times but die every time I get to the last climb
Posted by ozzyboy87 on 30 Aug 16 at 06:41
ozzyboy87Ok For some reason it only works with the D pad in the last section
Posted by ozzyboy87 on 31 Aug 16 at 04:27
sjpsjpsjpAny update on completing this otherwise awesome guide?
Posted by sjpsjpsjp on 04 Jan 17 at 01:00
Hairy Cabbageim gonna be honest, probably not, i should edit out the parts that say it isnt finished though, i did plan on going into detail on each enemy but tbh they arent required for this guide. everything that is needed for the achievement is already up.
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 04 Jan 17 at 01:06
Posted by sjpsjpsjp on 05 Jan 17 at 05:43
WereyGreat guide, however how the hell do people carry over their lives from stage to stage? I finish most stages with 2 or 3, and start the next stage with 1 or 2
Posted by Werey on 20 Feb 17 at 19:09
PrimeBigTimeIt would be helpful to explain what exactly hard difficulty is. You start with one life? Then what happens if you die?
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 26 Sep 18 at 10:59
Vitality GaugeThanks for the guide made earning the achievement that much easier. Thumbs up from me
Posted by Vitality Gauge on 19 Aug 19 at 01:46