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Smarter than the Smarties

Beat game on Extreme difficulty

Smarter than the Smarties0
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19 Sep 2013 10 Dec 2019
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What an amazing Guide by Hairy Cabbage.
I just wanted to upload the below video to help with your awesome solution. The Video I have posted has the following

- Extreme Difficulty
- No deaths
- Collect all Heart Containers
- Collect every extra life ( 1-UP ) available
- Best order of stages ( in my opinion )
- Easy Boss Strategies
- Fastest route's in stages while collecting the hearts and lives etc

PS - Also just to note this is not a speedrun or a perfect run , its just a full playthrough getting all extra lives and completing the game without dieing. I make many mistakes on the way , but I manage to get the job done. Also remember this is only for your Extreme playthrough.
BoatManJuzz07Awesome video guide mate. Only made it with 3 lives yet but wouldnt have done it without your help, cheers!
Posted by BoatManJuzz07 on 13 Jan 14 at 13:17
RAINKINGX1Great , I'm glad it helped toast
Posted by RAINKINGX1 on 13 Jan 14 at 15:42
InigoMontoya80Really good video. I am going to use it this weekend as I do my extreme play through. Thumbs up
Posted by InigoMontoya80 on 07 Feb 14 at 08:24
Kugarethank you very much.
i have to agree... this is probably the best order.
at my first try i lost my last life at the lava after the final boss... so close!
I had 8 lifes left at the end my second run... i think i learned from my mistakes.
you had a great run in your video... not losing a single life is amazing.
Posted by Kugare on 23 Feb 14 at 05:25
RAINKINGX1Thanks for the comments :-) Keep going Im sure you will complete it soon...
Posted by RAINKINGX1 on 23 Feb 14 at 09:47
Jv freakgamerThanks a lot dude, follow the video and it really helped me out; I really hesitated on the last level in the lava part lost seven lives straight, but still beat it. Again thanks.
Posted by Jv freakgamer on 01 Apr 14 at 04:16
King GBFLink is not working anymore...
Posted by King GBF on 12 Sep 14 at 13:20
RAINKINGX1Just tested and working
Posted by RAINKINGX1 on 13 Sep 14 at 20:13
Thanks best extreme on my first run throughout of trying. Only 2 lives at last boss.
Posted on 21 Jun 15 at 22:10
RAINKINGX1Well done smile clap
Posted by RAINKINGX1 on 22 Jun 15 at 10:29
QuemandanteAmazing guide, got it first try with 1 life left lol, I recommend following this video until the very last part, then use the video on the other solution for a life saving shortcut. +1
Posted by Quemandante on 19 Jul 16 at 01:52