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They see me Baggin', They Hatin' in Payday 2

They see me Baggin', They Hatin'105 (20)

On the Garage escape, get away with 8 bags.

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Doctor Lollypop
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Doctor Lollypop
Achievement won on 22 Sep 13
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Posted on 22 September 13 at 03:28, Edited on 12 January 15 at 23:09
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They see me Baggin', They Hatin' Chaos Theory Guide
"it was chaos and luck, and anyone who thought different was a fool." - Max Payne

In My Opinion this achievement is probably one of the worst achievements in payday 2 yes even worse than Guessing Game just cause of all the time you might waste cooking meth and not getting the escape come up when its supposed to. The worst things about this achievement is it is pretty random so even if you follow these steps its not guaranteed 100% to work, and #2 its a HOST ONLY achievement meaning if you join a game in progress and do the escape only the host will get the achievement. .

But i found a way to get it after countless hours of trying to follow other guides doing things like making 6/7 bags of meth and leaving after the assault wave and or making 6 bags and blowing up the lab,having someone go into custody with 6 bags, making 6 bags and sacrificing chains to the dark lord cthulhu etc. But i would always get the garage escape after day 1. So then i tried a different approach not a lot of people seem to try and it worked perfectly for myself and then even helped 2 of my friends get it this way right after. Although i should mention when i went through it for my 2nd friend we didn't get an escape on day 2 but on a retry it did show up so i can say in my experience that 3 times out of 4 it worked which is pretty good odds for an achievement that is random.

When i attempted this originally for myself i did it solo, so yes its possible to do it yourself. If you're gonna try this by yourself then i recommend you have the ironman suit, transporter Aced and either shape charges or the saw perk for the day 2 escape (here is my build

Since This achievement requires you to escape with 8 bags then it means it can only be done during an escape on day 2 of RATS job for Hector. I personally recommend just loading up a RATS job with no yellow stars to make life easier for yourself . Also MAKE SURE ITS NOT A PRO JOB Because if you mess up then you have to start all over

Now down to what you need to do.

Day 1
*i recommend putting planks on the back 2 windows in the side room next to the meth lab just so you don't get ambushed and shot up in the back
**While on day 1 every guide tells you to make 6/7 bags i found out this is what is part of the problem.
+What you want to do instead is make only 5 bags and as soon as the 5th bag is made leave during a police assault wave.

+This should cause either no day 1 escape or overpass escape on day 1.
If its the latter then just make sure you get all 5 bags to the helicopter and carry on to day 2.

Day 2
****Credit to: The Gwyn Reaper *****
make sure that you choose your shaped charges / sensor mines at the start of day 2, (the drug deal.) You won't have a chance to choose your gear when it's an the escape, so if you don't have them on the day, you can't use them in the garage. They also come in handy in blowing open the safe in the apartment.

*it important to keep track of how many police waves are occurring on this day. You're gonna want to leave during the 3rd police wave

+Now you should have 5 bags of meth on day 2 inside of the van what i like to is take all the meth out of the van and leave it by the back door of the van.

+once all 5 bags are at the back of your escape van shoot your gun off to alert everyone and throw the meth in the van for safe keeping.

+now you're gonna want to enter the left building (the one by your escape van), and go up the stairs to check the rooms where you should find 2 stacks of cash on a sofa and possibly the burned intel.

+now you're gonna want to take these two bags of cash down to your van and toss them in bringing your total up to 7 bags.
*if you're fast enough you should be able to get these two bags down to the van just before or during the very start of the police wave

+now make your way to the first building along the right side of the alley and go up to the top floor and search for a safe/intel. If there is no safe in this building there should be planks outside one of the windows to cross over to the next building where there should be a safe somewhere on this floor.

+once you find the safe you're gonna want to start drilling right away or blow it up with shape charge (if you have one) and see if the stack of money is in there. **if it is not then just die and retry the level.

+if you're lucky there should be 1 stack of cash for you to take bringing you up to 8 bags which is enough for the achievement. So now youre gonna want to work your way down to the escape van.

But as i mentioned at the top of Day 2 you're gonna want to keep track of what police wave is going on. When i did it i was usually ready to go right after wave 2 was finished or finishing up so i just threw the bag into the van and waited for the 3rd wave to start up. I stuck around for 30 secs or so after the alert popped up on the left corner just to be safe and jumped into the escape area.

** This should be good enough to get you the garage escape on day 2, if not i would bet if you did it again it would work on the very next try**

Day 2 Escape

+this is it the home stretch and if you are doing it with co-op partner then its pretty simple from here on out but if you're doing it solo youre going to have to work fast and you should be able to make it out with about 20-30 secs left.

+First thing make sure you have the SAW or Shape charges for the staircase shortcuts because you will need it to make it in time (especially solo).

+As soon as the level starts grab the bags and throw them up to the 2nd floor of the garage which would be to the left side of the van not the right *This is key or you won't have enough time*

+now book it up the 1st floor stairs and make it to your bags. the 2nd floor staircase should roughly be across/ or to the right from where your bags are sitting so start daisy chain throwing the bags until you get to the door and blow/saw the door open.

+ then as you go up the stairs just turn around and throw them up to the next floor to cut down time and then go saw the 3rd floor door.

+now with the door open just start throwing the bags toward the escape van none of the cops will touch it. ( and if youre by yourself your AI partners should be on the roof by the time you get all the bags out the door and clean up most of the cops for you).

+now ignore the leftover cops/snipers and just keep daisy chaining the bags into the van and you should have just enough time (i had about 25 secs left solo). if you don't feel like you're gonna make it with 8 bags in time just wait it out and retry the escape because there is no sense in wasting a rare opportunity at this stage in the game.

+ There you have it the achievement should pop for you now and you can go on do some other hiests.

Good Luck to you all and i hope this method can help some of you get it faster toast
PointySpred Holy crap worked perfect first try. 5 bags day 1, no escape, kept dying on day 2 until I got 3 cash bags. Boom garage escape before day 3. Solo, no yellow, no pro. I tried many times and never got garage after day 2. Followed exactly and it worked. 30 seconds into police wave 3 on day 2 is key. I even threw the bags on wrong side of garage and made it with 10 seconds to spare. Perfect solution. toast
Posted by PointySpred on 10 Oct 13 at 05:56
Sven0330 Thank you so much, worked perfectly my first try too. Wish I could give you a more than one positive vote. Did it solo as well! dance
Posted by Sven0330 on 17 Oct 13 at 01:12
Neophoenix78 Followed these directions completely and it worked, even though I was playing this on my PS3. Solo with seconds to spare.
Posted by Neophoenix78 on 30 Oct 13 at 07:09
twotonewolftone excellent guide.clear and concise well done sir
Posted by twotonewolftone on 09 Nov 13 at 02:29
StockierHeart I always get Garage escape after day 1 and overpass scape (or no escape) after day 2 !!
Posted by StockierHeart on 26 Nov 13 at 15:47
DcupsOfJustice Took 2 tries. Still better than the 7 times I had Garage Escape after Day 1. C4 is totally the way to go with it, by the way.
Posted by DcupsOfJustice on 01 Mar 14 at 05:18
dwdta it work thanks. did in solo w 2 yellow stars.
Posted by dwdta on 19 Mar 14 at 20:21
thefrozeneskimo Worked like a CHARM! Got it for my brother on the first try, even the first try on day 2. Thumbs up from us both!
Posted by thefrozeneskimo on 30 Mar 14 at 02:36
DeliriousDrew if it is a non pro job and you dont get three stacks of money can you restart?
Posted by DeliriousDrew on 05 Apr 14 at 03:37
Doctor Lollypop @DellriousDrew if its a non pro job and you don't get 3 stacks on day 2 you can just die and retry day 2
Posted by Doctor Lollypop on 05 Apr 14 at 14:10
NeekFu God so close got the 8 bags but I got the overpass escape sad
Posted by NeekFu on 06 May 14 at 09:24
gorlant Your way works like a charm! After 7 usual retries I tried your method. I got Overpass escape after 1st day and got kind of upset, because I thought I have too little chance but... I got it in my first try! Thanks.
Posted by gorlant on 10 Jun 14 at 20:31
PointySpred Z
Posted by PointySpred on 21 Jun 14 at 21:02
justinman114 First try with this method, did it solo too. You sir, are the man.
Posted by justinman114 on 14 Jul 14 at 16:59
karlgschaefer It is possible to do this without shape charges if you have faster lockpicking, but you won't have a lot of time to spare. I did it solo with the faster lockpicking and had ~20 seconds left.
Posted by karlgschaefer on 02 Aug 14 at 16:31
eLiTeMC251 I was lucky enough to do this without the saw or charges. After throwing them on the second floor the cops grabbed most of them and carried them to the top for me. Had about 50 sec to spare.
Posted by eLiTeMC251 on 05 Aug 14 at 11:13
iVilux Switched to a positive from a negative because I got it with this guide. Thanks! I found the extra money stack two times, both in the vertical safes facing the windows.
Posted by iVilux on 13 Aug 14 at 12:04
PNibbles First two tries: No escape after day 2, and Garage after day 1. I effing hate playing solo and cooking for 30+ minutes, barely making it out of there alive, only to to lose the RG "game".
Posted by PNibbles on 03 Oct 14 at 03:12
PNibbles First two tries: No escape after day 2, and Garage after day 1. I effing hate playing solo and cooking for 30+ minutes, barely making it out of there alive, only to to lose the RG "game".
Posted by PNibbles on 04 Oct 14 at 02:48
Barker Guru I've tried this 10 times now but I can never seem to get the garage escape to spawn on day 2. Just goes straight to day 3
Posted by Barker Guru on 18 Dec 14 at 23:37
The Gwyn Reaper Made it first time, with six seconds left... quick and painless. Thumbs up from me.

One thing I would like to add: make sure that you choose your shaped charges / sensor mines at the start of day 2, (the drug deal.) You won't have a chance to choose your gear when it's an the escape, so if you don't have them on the day, you can't use them in the garage. They also come in handy in blowing open the safe in the apartment.
Posted by The Gwyn Reaper on 12 Jan 15 at 16:35
FFX Brotherhood Tries this method 3 times, didn't ever get an overpass or even a garage escape. Sorry, but it's a negative from me.
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 19 May 15 at 10:56
HUN playmore A few notes if someone still struggles with this. I played this game more than a 100 hours so far (most of it on RATS) and I can say there is no surefire way to get the garage escape. It is just pure luck. It doesn't matter how many bags you make, it doesn't matter in which wave you escape from day 2. It is just pure luck. The game tosses a coin after every day to decide if there will be an escape then tosses another to decide which one (garage or overpass).
Also for some reason multiple solutions state wrong that this is a host only achievement. IT IS NOT. Everybody gets it. If you have a few friends it is even worth doing it in two player teams and if someone gets the garage the others join in the preparation screen. Everybody who is in the game at the XP screen when the escape ends gets the achievement.
I read dozens of solutions and tried every one of them solo, with 1-2-3 people. None worked. Then I gave up and cooked 6 bags on day 1 (5 bags is too unreliable, one time I restarted day two for THREE HOURS and I never got 3 bags), then escaped asap. On day two I shot in the air, picked up the cash and got away asap. After a while I got the garage escape. I can't say anymore. It is just pure luck.
Posted by HUN playmore on 18 Jul 15 at 06:25
Killersquirelz Either a lot of people are incredibly lucky or the above comment is wrong. I followed the guide exactly and it worked first time. Using the Bain update dlc and everything. Thanks.
Posted by Killersquirelz on 28 Apr 16 at 13:49