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Take out five enemy players in one match.

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08 Feb 2010
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This achievement can be quickly and easily done as you progress through completing the league achievement.

After you've "thrown" the first season in order to collect some more money, the second season will start with your team back in the fourth division with more money then you had initally.

During this season you will have the opportunity to purchase or transfer players into your team. A key first step is to pick two of the best players - each of which should cost about $1850 - and bring them into your side.

From there, put one of them at centre forward and one at centre midfield.

Then, wait until you play one of the really really ordinary teams in the division - Armoured Core and Revolver are the two worst. When you have a match against one of these teams, follow this simple strategy.

From the "tip-off" in the middle, grab the ball with your high powered centre forward and just smash your way in a straight line towards the goal, ploughing through the opposition's centre forward and centre mid players.

When you get near the opposition golaie, throw the ball so he catches it and, as he does so, slide into him, taking him out and scoring the goal.

Rinse repeat x 30.

Each of these forays forward should take you 5 seconds. But what they'll also do is deal serious damage to three opposition players - centre forward, centre mid and goalie.

Your aim should be to have the opposition centre forward and centre mid out of the game injured before half time, as this will give you a full half (and a little more) to continue the "smash technique" outlined above on their replacements.

The goalie should be taken off injured sometime during the second half, followed by the replacement centre forward and mid. Five players out of the game, achievement unlocked.

I was able to get this achievement with 40 seconds on the clock in the second half, so there is extra time in case the opposition players actually do grab the ball and throw it away - when this occurs just grab the ball and throw it forward yourself so you can score a goal quickly and have play taken back to the middle of the arena for a restart.