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Three Man Army

Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

Three Man Army0
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Here is my Solution for this Achievement. First make sure you are outside a Mission. (At some Points in the Game it is not possible to Call your Friends)

Open your Mobil Phone (D-Pad Up) and Call the other 2 Main Characters for a Hang Out. Call both in a row, not one then pick up this then the next. No! Directly both!

After the Calls you have 2 new Symbols on your Map:
External image

Drive to both and pick up your Friends. It is important that you have a Car with 4 Doors! Otherwise the third Character dont enter the Car.

If all three are in the car, you have 3 potential Areas to do this Achievement over the "Car way". If you have a Hangar at the Los Santos International Airport, you'll get no rating more here!

The first Area is the Los Santos International Airport in the South of the Map (3 Star Rating)
The second Area is the Prison on the East Side of the Map (4 Star Rating)
The third Area is the Fort Zancudo on the West Side of the Map (4 Star Rating)

In my Video i show you the Achievement in the first Area and at the End i show you the 2 others. I add a Timer in the right Corner for a better visibility for the 3 Minutes.

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tajbender I'm not getting stars at the airport, perhaps cause I have done the air school recently... However, the prison made my day :)
Posted by tajbender on 28 Aug 14 at 06:22