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Drifting apart

Drift for 2,000 or more feet on any of Trick Jam tracks

Drifting apart0
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29 Sep 2013
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"Drifted for 2,000 or more feet on any of the Trick Jam tracks"

Go to Trick Jam, Industrial Meltdown (Iceland) track. After a few jumps you will land on a U turn corner. Drift by pressing Left or Right turn + "B" button and smashing "RT" button (see 1'17")

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T0per Harleythe video does not work but i suceeded following the guide.
Posted by T0per Harley on 04 Aug 14 at 19:16
idlebluevideo works fine. thumbs up!
Posted by idleblue on 07 Aug 14 at 04:16
The1 ManWo1fPacvideo works great. nice touch, showing what you were pressing.
Posted by The1 ManWo1fPac on 08 Aug 14 at 03:29
Ryanf1193worked perfectly, thanks for the guide!
Posted by Ryanf1193 on 10 Aug 14 at 04:13
bean is not proLOL cracked up when you showed your hands. perfect vid. +1 from me.
Posted by bean is not pro on 22 Aug 14 at 18:39
OdadjianActualAbsolutely fantastic video and solution. Upvoted
Posted by OdadjianActual on 05 Sep 14 at 02:03
EthelBrilliant, +1
Posted by Ethel on 06 Jan 15 at 16:20
lildevilbmxercant complain straight foward and video thumbs up
Posted by lildevilbmxer on 03 Mar 15 at 08:19
Excellent, +1 laugh
Posted on 22 Nov 15 at 19:11
InviernoCero2Great! Thanks! clap
Posted by InviernoCero2 on 24 Oct 16 at 11:48