BioShock 2 (Xbox 360) Review by EchoFusion17

10 Feb 2010
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Well to start off, this game is a very interesting sequel. It follows a experienced Big daddy (you) and with that already is a big plus toward a better rating because ever since I or anybody played the first one and fought a big daddy it was pain to kill but always thought it would be cool to have this massive drill on your arm to ram enemies with.Bioshock 2, as the story line goes, has a large section of what really goes on in the suit of a big daddy and what they have to go through if they have failed to protect a little sister and your goal is to find your trapped little sister (I'll let you finish the story for no spoilers), as seen in the beginning of the game. I wont go on about how the story line goes I'll just to say that it wasn't as in depth as the first one did. There is no more Andrew Ryan just some audio clips with him explaining some of Raptures qualities but some new and old characters that you meet along the story. As I was playing I noticed something in the AI and thats the splicers act pretty much the same as if you a regular old human after a plane crashwink. Anyways the splicers didn't seem frightened to see the big daddy roaming through Rapture's undergrounds, it might just be me or something. Another huge aspect of the game was its graphics. The graphics didn't "sparkle" as much as in the first one, but the all famous water made me still love the game even more. The graphics really just had the same look as the first Bioshock, which I think many people wanted a new but original look because of it being a very anticipated sequel, but at least they didn't make you dislike the game. Now on to the new Multiplayer mode , this is a very fun way to play against other Bioshock fans. You can hack turrets, study other dead corpses to have a higher damage towards them, and just like the single player you can upgrade your guns and loadouts. One very odd but very interesting part is the apartment you own, there you can get messages from the game on your rank, customize your look in the closet, plasmid and gene tonic selections. its a new way of pre-game lobby that other games should do. The multiplayer modes are all fun and competitive for all player, one thing is while you play you have to work for the kill and not a swift kill as in all other boring less appealing games all of those just kill in one second and thats done its old. Overall this game is very interesting and fun for Bioshock fans , people may also enjoy the new game play also.toast
Chris8875The lustre this game would've had if it remained simply a single player game has been erased somewhat because of its multiplayer.

It just smacks of being "tacked on" for the sake of appeasing the "where's the multiplayer option" crowd.

It is OK as a diversion - though the lobby is unreliable, the servers have lag issues and the Big Daddy is massively overpowered, spoiling the balance of multiplayer - but really it does nothing for the game overall, and doesn't add to the experience of the single player play.

If anyone walks into buying Bioshock 2 thinking that they are going to get a massively enjoyable multiplayer experience, they are going to be disappointed.

The single player experience is wonderful - music, look, feel, storyline, combat ... yeah, just top notch. It is said to see the game's developers not haingng their hat on brilliant single player play (as they did in the original) and instead try to be all things to everyone by including tacked on multiplayer.
Posted by Chris8875 on 10 Feb 10 at 02:09
Fal1phorThis review answered a lot for me, but its was VERY hard to read since it was all just one block of text with no indentation at all.
Posted by Fal1phor on 10 Feb 10 at 02:29
EchoFusion17Sorry about the text my computer messed up on the spacing. again sorry about that
Posted by EchoFusion17 on 10 Feb 10 at 02:53
Van UdenThere is an edit function wink

In other news, I prefer reviews by people that have played the vast majority of the game instead of those by people who have had the game for a day and haven't experienced it fully
Posted by Van Uden on 10 Feb 10 at 08:29
WookieKiller247I think most will buy the game simply b/c its predecessor was AMAZING, not b/c of multiplayer. An unreliable lobby can be fixed with a patch and any lag is expected at first with a large release game. The tank is way overpowered in L4D but thats what makes the game interesting and can swing the way a match is going. So far I think the single player is great and the multiplayer is something that will be fun to really delve into when its completed...twice (harvest or save??)
Posted by WookieKiller247 on 10 Feb 10 at 14:32