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Tetris Ace

Clear a total of 150 Tetris line clears

Tetris Ace0
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01 Oct 2013
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Tetris line clears mean 4 lines cleared using the I or Straight Polyomino. When you begin the game, the bricks are already at least 3 bricks high, so wait until you get the I piece, and use it for a Tetris line clear. Shouldn't take too long to unlock.
cccuaresma1Yep, that's correct. I'm not sure if the these are the right names, but they are single (1 line cleared), double (2), triple (3), and Tetris (4).
Posted by cccuaresma1 on 03 Oct 13 at 17:30
JeffMommI just got this and I know I didn't have 150 occurrences where I cleared 4 lines at once. So, I think it counts 4 lines as 4 of the 150, 3 lines as 3, etc. I noticed when I did either 3 or 4 at once, my multiplier went up. I am wondering if it only counts those?
Posted by JeffMomm on 03 Oct 13 at 19:37