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Dialling Digits

GTA Online: Call for gang backup for the first time.

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orkhive neworkhive new543,619
02 Oct 2013 10 Oct 2013
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To get this achievement you need to be level 20.

Once you reach level 20 you can call Merryweather and request a air-support unit.
Provided you have the 5K required, this will net you the 5g achievement.

There appears to be some discretion and when the ability unlocks. As I am aware you have to be level 20 before you will receive the phone call off Merryweather unlocking the air-support, however you may not receive the phone call for sometime afterwards.

I think you have to have visited both Lester and Trevor before you receive the phone call.
Alcoholic SocksLevel 26 and I still can't do it. Any ideas?
Posted by Alcoholic Socks on 05 Oct 13 at 22:34
XXRPGGAMEMANXXYou may have not been through the other quest lines yet. Make sure you visit when he gives you a call. Should show up on the map. Then after that a few people will call you and I know MerryWeather is one of the people who call you.
Posted by XXRPGGAMEMANXX on 06 Oct 13 at 07:13
Toast gravyAlso just a funfact to add; 5K isn't a lot.. (First place in a race generally nets 7600, or two second places would be more than that) but if you're super into saving the money just call it in, get the achievement, then turn the xbox off. This shouuullldddd (should being the key word here) stop it saving, giving you that money back.

Of course make sure you do make it save your stuff you actually want to keep first....

Either way, like I said, 5k not a lot. But some people like their monies.
Posted by Toast gravy on 06 Oct 13 at 09:20
SchoolPoop719I don't know where people got rank 20 from, I just got it at 12.
Posted by SchoolPoop719 on 09 Oct 13 at 16:33
MITCHHICKSLvl 12 did not work for me. I called for an Ammo Drop but no chievo.
Posted by MITCHHICKS on 10 Oct 13 at 13:12
MITCHHICKSLvl 12 did not work for me. I called for an Ammo Drop but no chievo.
Posted by MITCHHICKS on 10 Oct 13 at 14:51
Hairy Cabbage"I called for an Ammo Drop but no chievo." i think i found your problem :3
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 14 Oct 13 at 15:23
platform legendi got it at level 25 for me the air support unlocked after my friend set a bounty on me
Posted by platform legend on 14 Oct 13 at 23:12
ChronovoreMITCHHICKS, you may want consider that "Ammo Drop" ? "Air Support"
Posted by Chronovore on 21 Oct 13 at 03:52
vSullyI hit level 20 after a job. I then returned to free roam. About two minutes later, I got the call from merryweather. I immediately called in air support and the achievement popped.
Thumbs up.
Posted by vSully on 08 Nov 13 at 21:18
BALLISTIC VIIYeah I got after I visited Trevor, all good! Took some time though cause I got messages and call from others too.
Posted by BALLISTIC VII on 24 Jan 14 at 10:40
Adecoolits level 50. not 20.
Posted by Adecool on 25 Jun 14 at 19:05
spacedvest2^ It is level 20. With level 20, you can call for a helicopter backup. Level 50 unlocks the abilitly to call an airstrike. For this achievement, you can do either one to unlock it.
Posted by spacedvest2 on 06 Jul 14 at 14:50